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Millionaire fanny

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Who would love to get their mits on Deborah Meadens investments? Not me but I am rather partial to the anorexic looking Hilary Devey. Which millionaire totty or munter woulf you bang.


I once worked with a young lady whose surname was De Vey.... Posh name but the whole family were involved with fairgrounds and scrap metal dealing. Highly likely they could also do you a good deal on tarmacing your drive.... Pikey cnuts
Nigella's bound to be worth a punt or 2. Mmmmmmmm lovely jubblies. Her and Karen Brady. In leather/ PVC. And a riding crop....,,,,'scuse me, I hear mr Kleenex calling.,,,
In about a month Sharon Shouesmith will qualify and she'd get a portion.

She can treat me bad like Baby P

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