Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Morty, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Do you wear a head guard or gumshield during milling? Got knocked out sparing over the weekend and that was with a headguard. Also do you lose points for being knocked out, even if you're giving it 100% aggression - not blocking, ducking or defending in any way?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before.
  2. Now days I would think you get a “fits all” gum shield. And you use very large gloves, 17oz I think. So it is hard to get knocked out. As long as you try and have a go that is all that matters.

    Not sure if you are able to take part if you have a boxing card.
  3. Mate, the Health and fitness section in the forum index is a goldmine of useful crap. Check that. CV stuff I do - running, obviously, (try fartlek - that f*cks ya up good style), swimming, which I reckon is harder than running CV wise, cycling and skipping (seriously), and bag work. Don't worry about not sparing at ya gym, it's sensible if all the other guys are big cnuts, that's the mistake I made this weekend! I guess so long as ya got the aggression that's what they're looking for.

    Try and find a rough - as gym, the type with straw on the floor and buckets of sand nailed to the walls to puke into. I go to one and it's great! :D Much better than your Esporta type place cos there you get to distracted by all the fanny on the rowing machines. Good or bad, you decide.
  4. If I remember correctly they didn't give a t0ss on the all arms if you could box or not, if you start poncing around boxing they used to stop the fight tell you to get a grip and get back in. It's all about 100% aggression an giving everything you have, there is no technique and just because you did more damage to the other bloke than he did to you, it wouldn't mean you would win the fight. If the other bloke gave everything and you didn't you would lose.
  5. No, they use role mats now and the knock out comes from when you get your face stepped on.

    Fighting with cloths on is not an option :D
  6. I think he is going for the army not the navy. :wink:
  7. Milling requires you to stand toe-to-toe with someone who's approximately being measured off with you for the same height and weight and then attempting to batter him for 1 minute. No boxing or ninja technique involved at all other than head up and punch like f*ck. Don't bother with body shots, it's head shots that count. Headguards are used now, not sure about the glove size though and no gum shields are used!

    In terms of P Coy events it's the easiest - 60 seconds worth of effort, aggression and bottle - but demonstrating those qualities when the other bloke is trying to do the same by knocking your block off makes it an excellent event. It's an excellent means to an end!

    We used to 'train' for it by pummelling a punch bag for a minute, resting, then doing it again and again. No rocket science involved in that at all!
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sorry Gluck, your info is out of date. They now wear gumshields as well.

  9. Gumshields and headguards for milling??? They'll be letting gays join the army next!!
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  10. Gumshields are now COMPULSORY
  11. One min of windmilling someones head..pure and simple.
  12. It's bloody appalling. There's a reason why the BMA are anti-boxing. :(. I'm not a neurosurgeon but the amount of work done by neurosurgeons for boxing is just ... astonishing.
  13. Milling isn't appalling, wearing gum shields and head guards during it is whats appalling... half the fun is comparing bruises the next day! Yet another example of PC sh*t f*cking with a great and noble and mindlessly brutal tradition!
  14. Sorry - for clarification - one minute of aggression isn't appalling. Boxing is, from a simple, neurosurgical point of view.
  15. How does that effect the relationship between new Toms/Crows and the older heads when they get to regiment? I would be urined off if I had to do it with headguards and gum shields if the the guys before me already in the Regt had done it without them. Is this the case?