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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bombdr2494, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Just watching this now, and have to say im pissed off. Firstly it should be on either the BBC or ITV so everybody can see it, as not everyone has sky tv. And secondly is it just me or does anybody else not like the format, ie select a few and narrow it down to winners. In my eyes the armed forces are all winners and ths should have been a tribute show, and not for celebrities to jump on the band wagon.
  2. I agree with your sentiments about the channel on which it is shown, I think that it is time something like this was done, but I agree that how the hell do you differentiate between anybody to say they deserve it more than the next guy or girl. It would have been nice to see the CDS and the other Cof services actually standing up issuing the awards. Some of the celebs I think are much more aware of why they are there and aren't worried about the image, just heard cowell on there after the award to the Parrys what a prat.
  3. Agreed. This is of national interest and should have been on national TV so that everyone can see it. They're all winners. Must be a real "honour" to meet all those celebs eh? :roll: Was this a deal, 'twixt Sky and The Currant Bun? Well, our people have been honoured in some way (but were the Becks too busy, really?) and at least one broadcaster got off their arse.
  4. When I see Forces plot lines written into Soaps, then I'll know we're making headway.

    As it is, the last I can remember is Gwant trying to join TA Para. Have there been any others?
  5. One has to wonder why the National broadcaster is hosting this. I have to agree about the sentiments about how the show has been presented. The whole thing strikes me as a cheezy TV award ceremony. This is a missed opportunity.

    It is a sad reflection that this is the best the country can do to recognise the huge sacrifices that are made. The thing I found most nauseating was the Beckhams. I know several of the celebrities are known for their support of the forces and Help for Heroes but I cant remember seeing the others making their support known.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    They do write them in except they all tend to be psychos
    Theres one in Eastenders who has "troubles" fromk the Gulf and I'm sure I've seen a few eleswhere they always want to kill/burn it all down/blow it all up
    Nobody ever comes home having had a good tour
  7. Terry Duckworth (corry) was an ex para.
    The AWOL squaddy episode in Aufweidersehen Pet!

    Personally though I do think that the general public are far more supportive of the armed forces now than in recent history. Homecoming parades tend to be far better attended now and the reception much warmer than a few years ago IMO.

    As to the topic programme, I haven't seen it (don't have sky). Reports on here seem to be of the attitude that it is too cheesy. That may be so, but surely something is better than nothing.

    Shame it wasn't on BBC1 though. I reckon it was on sky because of sponsorship.
  8. Soldier Soldier?

    Wheres my coat....
  9. I completely agree, I think it is wrong to have the format they have done to make members of the forces compete with each other.

    Here is a link to the sky site The Millies
  10. Sky + The Sun = News International (Rupert Murdoch). That's why its on Sky.
  11. Anyone know where to find it online for free?
  12. The Archers had a caracter try to join the RAF...but failed to get into the "engineering officer bit", so she jacked before beginning.......

    The ad for the Millies seemed to be a fantastic idea but I could not watch it, too cheesy and actually felt that the lads were being patronised.

    Hope it gets sorted out and continues.......
  13. I think the fact that it's getting the forces in the public eye on a positive level is good. I also think seeing some famous faces supporting it is good.

    The format is gash and patronising, but I hope they can sort that out.

    I can't really complain at positive media support of the Armed Forces, i'd be a bit of a hypocrite.
  14. Slightly off topic but similar vein..... Did you notice ITN carrying the return of the fallen from Afghanistan, reporting on the public recognition given in Wooton Bassett, was very moving!
  15. Format was bad

    But anything that puts what the Armed Forces is doing in Afghanistan in the public eye, is a good thing