Millibands Millions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cuddles, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. I was a bit surprised to hear David Milliband using the word "credible" on the radio today....On the CA web-site I was disturbed to see this situation is still going on:-

    If he doesn't stop revving up for a leadership challenge and address the width and depth of his DEFRA portfolio then I predict even greater environmental damage than that predicted by the Sterne report.

    Now the thing is, if we could all write to our MPs as effectively as we did on the military wards in hospitals on this issue, then perhaps Mr Milliband would do something. They are a shaky mob in Whitehall at the present and will respond if we get gingering.
  2. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Aye Cuddles. Very true.

    Will be popping round to "Dave's" to prod him in the chest forthwith.
  3. With a Bayonet? Can I come? :twisted:
  4. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Only if you go left flanking. I want the pleasure of sticking the pig.
  5. Bloody right Sheldrake, You stick him. Even if he was Minister for communities and local government at the time.

    Don't let getting the wrong blokew get in the way of a good bayoneting.
  6. Sven
    TCMilliband is now in the position to do something. So what is his excuse? Stop sticking up for these cnuts just because you all play snooker at the Backwell Socialist Working Men's club FFS...if they were Buddhist Rational Liberal party ministers they would still be cnuts!
  7. What can he do at the moment. The fine by the EU will be imposed because of the actions of the last minister - who SHOULD be strung up by his ballocks.

    Is this years money late in being handed out???

    And Cuddles, this Tory spray and pray tactic that some posters are using is almost as boring as being accused of being Labour
  8. Gosh

    Look at this

  9. Difficult as it was Margeret Beckett who was the last one. :lol:
  10. Oops

  11. Oh and when does this stuff hit the news. Oh just when the doom and gloom merchants who say we shall all be washed into the sea if we dont pay wads to PARK our cars in the street. I PARK my 2l 4x4 in my street 6 out of 7 days per week but the cnuts want to charge me for not burning fuel in it and let some cnut drive his 1.3l week in and week out, cheaper. Its only got 26k over 9 years!
    This government think they can rule by fear! See a patern forming somewhere. How much greenhouse gas has been created by their oversea's avenutures.

    They must think we're all cnuts!

    So endith the rant!
  12. Troops

    Have You got the right thread - this is about single payments to farmers not 4x4s
  13. There's a good article about this in the latest edition of Private Eye, but I'm afraid I can't find a url.
    In essence, it does indeed blame Beckett for the cock up, and points out that although last year's payments are finally starting to appear, the rest of Europe is already receiving this year's.
  14. Working Mens Clubs, of the one in my home town t'was said you could Still be a 'Member' even if you had a job.
    And as a young squaddei home on leave I always remember the Landlady of my new Local saying
    If you want to stand at the Bar tomorrow John you'll have to be in early.
    Why ?
    D Day.
    Huh !
    Dole Day.
  15. The inference of this release is that all monies have been paid and that interest payments are being made

    The Press Release