Milliband - What is he for?

Just watched Gordon 'The Undertaker' Broon make a Commons statement leading with the naming of those British servicemen KIA during the last week.

He was sombre and respectful to be fair, and made no pronunciation mistakes in the naming of units, which is a much-needed improvement.

So far so good.

Sitting next to him was this horrible 15 year old little geek Milliband, gurning away, and nodding sagely when the servicemen's names were being read out and finishing with a Hear! Hear! when the condolences were read.

I just wanted to reach through the screen and strangle the precocious little git. He is never likely to be looking down the wrong end of a barrel is he?

Am I wrong? Does anybody know what he does? Is he of any use whatsoever?

Some people you just have to thump on sight... :x
Must admit i would have bullied him at school and i wasnt even a bully, got one of those faces you just want to kick fcuk out of.
jaybee2786 said:
I take it he looks a bit like you then spannerspanker
Not in the slightest, but i think i read somewhere he was looking for a career in the RAF Regt but decided on a better option... :p


Book Reviewer
Yes, David Milliband has many uses. In actual fact, I think there was a whole book written on the subject.

The title was a little misleading though . . . 101 uses for a dead pr!ck.

My favourite was the one where you bend him double and use his arrse as an umbrella stand.
This character is the topic of another thread. Be careful, he has a brother in the Cabinet as well. Mind you, punch one, get one free.
jaybee2786 said:
I take it your tired today spannerspanker as i expected better than that as a reply
How about this one...I hear that people in the RAF Regt only joined RAF Regt because they failed the military skills phase when training with TCW?
Better? :D

But just to keep with the thread..I still think milliband is a w4nker!

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