Milliband: Only China, US Will Matter in 21st Century

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, May 18, 2009.

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  1. So?!

    Add a view, an opinion, a thought, not just a fcuking link!

    To be honest, China has been indispensible for years. The fact that they own so much of the US external debt is the very least of it.
  2. Well, he's got that right but I'm tempted to think it was only accidentally. His record on Foreign Affairs hasn't exactly been stellar.

    Am I the only one that thought he was more concerned with juldi'ing the EU into consensus than anything else?
  3. Miliband, I wouldn't trust his opinion if he told me it was dark outside at midnight.
  4. No, you aren't the only one.
    It is patently the sole focus of his comments.
  5. Did he add "...if I have my way?"

    He is the most annoying sh1t, really he is. Professional politician from a family of professional politicians...I discard him utterly.
  6. No, not really, they don't make anything we can not do without. Can you think of any product that can not be sourced elsewhere?

    Why do you think China has been doing it's hardest to square away secure access to tons of valuable minerals across Africa and building so many deepwater ports in a chain across the Indian Ocean?

    China is not indispensible, Holding so much US debt is not a top move.

    Read this for a different viewpoint
  7. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Unsurprising really, China was the most sohisticated and advanced empire (country) in the world up to the late 18th Century, until we started to flog'em shed loads of opium. And then overtook them in the 19th Century.

    China's just moving back to the top of the table where she has always been, except for an aberattion of 150years, for almost 3,000 years.
  8. So does learned mr.Miliband think that the UK will not matter in 21st century? Apparently, yes. So could one expect that the young and talented patriot would work hard to make the UK one of the most influental nations on the world stage? Unlikely.
  9. But they manage to do it so much more cheaply – that’s why they’ve developed into the world’s largest export economy. People want to buy from them.

    It may not make them indispensible in an absolute sense, but if we want to keep enjoying anything remotely like our current standard of living, then yes they are indispensible.

    The ultimate answer to that is that like any sensible nation they want direct access to primary commodities. They own rights to a surprisingly large portion of the world’s mineral resources in Australia, Africa and South America; any country which wants a share is going to have to pay far more attention to China’s opinions than we’ve been used to doing. That’s one of the things that’s making them far more important on the world stage.

    Which is why they’re shifting away from it – quietly, determinedly and quite definitely.

    The Telegraph article isn’t saying anything that the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese haven’t been saying for years. Nobody’s about to dump dollar bonds on the market just to get rid as they know that’s the sure road to ruin. That’s not to say they have to keep buying more of the same, particularly now the bubble has burst so spectacularly.
  10. I think the next country that will "matter" will be kazakhstan.
    Russia, China, Iran and the USA are all now "Strategic Partners" with this country. Even though Kazakstan says Iran should have nuclear power/weapons and that Taiwan is soveriegn territory of China.
    Kazakstan has vast amounts of petroleum, the country is going to be the first "enriched urnaium bank" in the world...
    None of this is in our watered down bull shitting media, i found this out through RussiaToday and a Japanese news station...
  11. Milliband, what does he know?
  12. At the the moment. There's growing pressure form the bottom in China for a larger share in the wealth that's been generated, couple that with the increase in closed factories, the near total collaspe in
    the former Communist regime's Social Support and care and you're looking at tricky times for China. Something will have to give or it will go Pete Tong in a Big way.

    Oddly enough, I'd argue that China's almost total inward turn in the 15th Century from a World power eager to explore the oceans to an inwardly stagnet power dropped them donw the world scale
  13. I think Ghengis Khan might have had a different opinion on that... :twisted:
  14. A couple of interesting tidbits:

    How long before Airbus moves its UK manufacturing to China?

    The fulcrum of world affairs is moving inexorably eastwards. Already five times as much trade crosses the Pacific than crosses the Atlantic. Europe is increasingly becoming an outdated backwater.