What is Millforce and what do they do?
After a recent stay in Brunswick Camp down in surrey for the second year, I have being seeing a group of soldiers that call themselves Millforce, now I am not quite sure about what they do because as far as I know they issue a meal tickets and look after the armoury but is this all they do or are they in charge of anything else?
5.56 glad to see you are bringing us some comedy once again. Could this infact be the MPGS?? They are responsible for local security in certain camps and training establishments now!!! God knows who this "Millforce" are?

If anyone can put me in the wrong by telling me who millforce are i'll gladly stand down!
Well they are called Millforce I know that, last year they even had shirts that said Millforce on, and no they cant be MPGS as Millforce at Brunswick this year is PWRR.

Any ideas people?

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