Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by frt_legends, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. Had an interesting conversation in the bar the other night concerning who was or wasn't on duty on 31st Dec 1999, and, in either case, where were you?

    This threw open a rather diverse spread of experience and highlighted the many roles of the wider Corps (Among others).

    Where you sat nervously awaiting the non-event that was the much-vaunted Millenium Bug? Or smacked off your t*ts in a beach bar in the bahamas? Maybe you were still at school. It doesn't matter - just let us know!

    Thought it might be enlightening to throw this one open to fellow arrsers, just to get a feel for what your experiences where as we counted down to the big moment, and also, to demonstrate the varying levels of experience that make up this forum.

    The legends were sat in Omagh Lisanelly Bks waiting for the commcen to blow up, and only slightly dissapointed when it didn't :lol:
    This dissapointment was soon overcome though, as we trudged wearily back to the transit accomodation after being stood down at some ungodly hour, to find some kind samaritan had deposited a single can of lager (carlsberg if I remember right) on our doorstep to help us see in the new age! WAHAAY!! A can! And only 4 of us to share it! It made our night! RESULT! :wink:

    Anyway, hope you'll find this piques your interest and join in in this spirit it was intended :D

    Over to you...
  2. Not on duty - had in fact left 10 years beforehand but was in Cyprus, Limassol - Nag's Headactually, with my wife, a few Crab fitters, a slack handful of Russian girlies and their blokes getting trollied.
    Got home, flicked on 'puter; found it still worked and went to bed in heap. Woke next afternoon with that hideous flu bug that was going about then. Liberally dosed myself with vodka which didn't work but kept me sloshed!
  3. My first new year as a civvy in fact - remember the first few drinks at someone's house party, the countdown, finding that Orange pay-as -you-go chavphones with no credit all started working (!) and then finally carrying the mrs home in a daze. Life was good back then!
    Happy memories - cheers for the thread legends.
  4. sat on a mountain in bosnia (loving it) i love the job loads (not that much) :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Sat on shift in ODA Banja Luka. Listening to everyone else getting pissed whilst i awaited the doom of changes in the commcen to be inundated with some mysterious force. PC spent on all night sad enough to watch the clock change as the new year was born..................
  6. I too had the pleasure of a Banja Luka Millenium. Made worse by the tosser of an RSM and the camp RSM, who was a fat Canadian reservist.

    Luckily all the JNCOs and Toms had a Yates' type wine bar to get lashed up in surrounded by typical squaddie snatch.

    SNCOs were treated to an all male mess bar with a Bosnian ZZ Top tribute band for company. Mind you the lead singer had a beard to die for and hands like shovels.

    Mmmmm, hairy bear videos.

    Well at least they couldn't make me pregnant but did manage to tear my grinner whilst trying to make me pregnant.

    PS, all the computers and comms kit still worked perfectly.
  7. I remember that tosser of a RSM. For some reason got his commission. Gave out extras for Para smocks on NY picture. I was one of the BL 15. Infamous for snow clearing and cleaning a football pitch with petrol. All hail health and safety. Strange set up of airborne mechanised troops..........
    Still spent most of the tour in the bar even when banned.
  8. Wasn't the whole millennium bug thing just another MS ruse to bring in more money?

    Besides, the Millennium changed over at end of 31 Dec 2000
  9. Quite right RCS, I still remember the blank, bovine looks I got when explaining that one to the hoi polloi.
  10. I had just finished my time at 8Bde Rigging Section. Had both xmas and new year off so I did't give a flying feck about y2k. Did spare a thought for the lads I had left behind on duty. Not for long though, I was off to Cyprus for three years. 8)
  11. Had both xmas and new year off so I did't give a flying feck about y2k. Did spare a thought for the lads I had left behind on duty. Not for long though, I was off to Cyprus for three years. 8)[/quote]

    Ahh... Irishmech, I knew it was you! PM me.

    Banja Luka though; - what a piss-up!! :wink:

    All good lads! All good! :D
  12. Sat in the university in Pristina, snowing like feck!! The only Det that didn't work that night was the Op Sureity Det as it was too cold for the old 522, the only other thing that went wrong was the computer on my Sat det. The date reset itself to 1980 didn't matter it still worked!!!
  13. Skiing in Bavaria with the Yanks in Garmisch Partenkirchen. Literally one of the best ski trips I have ever been on awsome party and a great bunch of fellow instructors.

    ................ Boing where did all the years go leapt into the future nearly into 2006 now working as a civvy in the shitehole of the universe but hey its free food, Accommodation and tax free dosh in Afghani country. Not long for snow but still a few years before any ski resorts open here doh!!!!!!!!!

  14. Don't worry Taz!!

    HQ ARRC are coming - there's enough slopey shoulders in that set up to provide at least a couple of Black Runs!! :lol:
  15. New Year's Eve 1999 - one of only 3 I've had not on operations somewhere.

    As for the 'actual' Millenium (2000), I was back in Banja Luka! :D