Milky, milky

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. This is an extention of the squirt thread, but anyone enjoyed womanmilk, and how? I should say yes, I've drunk it, not as a nipper, and it seems to be a good hangover cure.
  2. Yep when the ex was preggers. Tasted um, sort of like rubber - not an enjoyable experience. Can't attest to the hangover cure.
  3. Yep when first Mrs FF was pumping it out I used to have a taste, second mrs FF was not interested.
  4. nothing wrong with some fresh Bitty! quite sweet, and a good reason to have a good suck
  5. 'You're not having that, it's for the daughter' I seem to remember as a class provocation line
  6. Is this where a wet nurse would come in handy for you then ciggie?

  7. Tit cheese doesn't sound very appetising does it? It sounds like the stuff you find under a fat birds floppy spaniels ear.
    'Naturally occuring loctose dairy product' thats better, baffle 'em with big words.
  8. Doris wouldn't stand for it. So I've been sucking other birds tits ever since.
  9. Can't say I've tasted it myself. But my wife did once squirt some straight from the breast on to my shirt after I'd wound her up about something. I'd probably called her a fat lazy cow again.
  10. Ah, sorry, I hadn't realised the Cheese Marketing Board was here. I shall try again - 'a hand-drawn organic cheese made from the finest biped milk reared on Gruyère and Toblerone (it is in Switzerland after all)'.
  11. I've tasted it, very sweet and watery; a bit like Marks and Spencer's soya milk only more ethically sourced
  12. 'Ang on I'll go and check the freezer, only four hours. Shouldn't be ice cream yet.
    (Didn't like her anyway)
  13. and bad spelling? ;-)
  14. Just look how insufferably middle classed this post is....