Milky, milky

This is an extention of the squirt thread, but anyone enjoyed womanmilk, and how? I should say yes, I've drunk it, not as a nipper, and it seems to be a good hangover cure.
Can't say I've tasted it myself. But my wife did once squirt some straight from the breast on to my shirt after I'd wound her up about something. I'd probably called her a fat lazy cow again.
Tit cheese doesn't sound very appetising does it? It sounds like the stuff you find under a fat birds floppy spaniels ear.
'Naturally occuring loctose dairy product' thats better, baffle 'em with big words.
Ah, sorry, I hadn't realised the Cheese Marketing Board was here. I shall try again - 'a hand-drawn organic cheese made from the finest biped milk reared on Gruyère and Toblerone (it is in Switzerland after all)'.

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