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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DodgerH, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Just when you thought our soft touch and crazy asylum policy couldn't get any worse,up pops the case of the Taliban fighter who is claiming asylum in Gasgow because he say's if he is returned to Afghanistan the nasty Taliban,his old mates,might kill him.

    Self-confessed terrorist Muhammad Hanif was literally trying to kill our boys on the front line only months ago but now claims he has seen the light and wants to settle in Scotland....bless him.

    Sensibly the Home Office has already rejectd his claim but because of-you've guessed it-The Human Rights Act,this enemy of Britain is now appealing against this decision.However,to really rub salt into the wounds of every decent taxpayer in this country,he is using the benefit system and legal aid to fund his case.

    His appeal was adjourned this week so Hanifi got another dtay of execution,literally and metaphorically,and was free to return to his council flat and life of benifits.If his appeal is unsucessful he can still seek a judicial review-and the whole case could drag on for years.

    Members of terrorist organisations such as the Taliban are not allowed asylum under the Geneva Convention,so why the hell are we putting up with this costly farce ?

    I dont give a monkeys toss what happens to him when he is returned but i do know that every day he is allowed to stay in the UK and pick up our money,he is insulting every one of our brave lads fighting to bring that country democracy and rid it of monsters like Hanifi.

    We should forget the Human Rights and concentrate on the rights of our lads and the familes of loved ones who lost their lives at the hands of Hanifi and his mates

    Well done to Jon Gaunt for writing this article.
  2. This was done about a week ago, went into a 20 odd page thread with all the usual suspects, and was then binned.

    To save another 20 pages, a quick summery. Almost everyone thought "Yes its ridiculous, he should be tried and sent back" - except for jimbojetset and Sven who thought, because he said sorry he should be able to stay
  3. well said!

  4. Hahaha, DS thanks for the summary, thats bang on!!
  5. Not absolutely. I said, IF he has changed sides, we should use him for as a PR victory and demonstrate changing sides is better than being killed.
    I thought killing him and or sending him back would be pointless because it would demonstrate to the other Taliban that there would be no point laying down their weapons as they would die anyway.
  6. I cant believe someone who knows where he is doesnt just go around and top him.

    Gotta be careful here, incitement and all that...
  7. Surely he should be in gaol or a POW camp.
  8. Or it may just tell Terry not to bother picking a weapon up in the first place!
  10. If he has changed sides he should be still out there helping us.
    If he has surrendered he should be under guard.
    No friggin way should he be living free in the UK on bloody benefits.
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Already been done and neither locked nor binned. Unlike this version...
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