Milk strop

Brilliant, talk about going down in a blaze of flounce -
No use crying over spilt milk :)


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Hopefully the guy will get some cownselling...

yes, i winced myself just typing that one..
Tell 'em yer'll gerrin touch wiv The Sun about those higher ups shenanigans. A birra blackmail works wonders, and tell them I'm going to stop drinkin' milk wiv me rum. That'll sort the bugger out. :cool:,
What an excellent piss-take.
It is...Once you read down you see it for what it is. A very good wind up though :)
Not herd of this one before, Jason is not chewing the cud, if its a wind up he should pull the udder one sounds like employee relations have curdled and gone sour. I am sure they will churn this one over.
The puns on this thread are cheesy.
Well, I never.
I've only briefly skimmed this thread but it's full of awful puns.
There will be a froth about this. It's only a matter of time before that account is whisked off.
The state of culture these days... Can't they have a mature discussion?
Obviously not from the same mould as those from an earlier vintage.

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