Milk Schnapps?

Anybody remember this?

I remember playing nails for it in the bar at Laarbruch.

It was a blinding drink, especially when served in a frozen glass. Wasn't made of milk though.

Been searching Germany for a year now and cant find it. I think it was called Weide Wasser or something similar.

I'd be eternally in the debt of anyone that can point me in the right directio.


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There is a drink in germany they call maeusepisse(mouseurine)!
But they mix it themselves

1 litre of korn (schnapps)
1 litre of milk
and vanilla sugar
There was at the start of the alchopop craze late mid - late 90s a Milk based alchopop. Which was milk and vodka.

Not that I ever partook in the consumption of such beverage
Probably Raki.

zippy483 said:
Bit of a craze for Malibu and Milk once at one of the units I served with in Germany, tasted a bit like melted ice cream.
Malibu and Tonic water tastes like Cream Soda......... well so I've been told :oops:


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Anybody remember Mint Lamumba in Spain back in the days when Funboy Franco ran the place?

Bottle of ice cold mint chocolate milk.

2 glasses.

Half the milk into the glasses. Top up with vodka.


Fall over.

White boy in town
Big black, blue sound
Night club, I paid in
I got a stamp on my skin

Main attraction dead on his feet
Black man rhythm with a white boy beat
They got him on milk and alcohol
They got him on milk and alcohol

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