Militray secrets being sold on USB drives

US forces in Afghanistan are checking reports that stolen computer hardware containing military secrets is being sold at a market beside a big US base.

Shopkeepers at a market next to Bagram base, outside Kabul, have been selling memory drives stolen from the facility, the Los Angeles Times newspaper says.

The disks reportedly contain personal details about US soldiers, military defences and lists of enemy targets.
A lot of it is probably classified 'restricted'.....Highly classified my arse :roll:

Anyway, one has to ask why are the yanks putting this stuff on memory sticks when they have networks? And since when did you let local workers anywhere near the IT systems. When I was out in sunnier climes and we had non UK/US nationals cleaning in our compartment, we watched them like hawks
Ref the quote about why yanks using memory sticks instead of networks.......whilst i was stationed on Kabul Airport, due to the dust which used to get blasted into the tent everytime a bloody C17 would trundle past, yes we were quite close to the taxiway!, the floppy discs and CDROM's would last a the UK mil issued all SNCO's with DISKGO USB's. But as we had to handover the thing to the next guy the americans were obviously giving theirs out like candy to all and sundry!

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