Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by goatbagthedruid, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. There are loads of military words and phrases in circulation. What are the best ones and what are their meanings/origins:

    i.e. stag - on guard, duty

    Know there are other, similar threads, like below but could be a bit of a laugh.

    I cannot find another reference to this, if there are, I'm sure you'll tell me. :?
  2. I have always wondered about the military instructors when they say

    "Talk amongst yourselves"!!!!!!!

    Well Who the f@ck else are you going to talk to?????????????

    Do they think we have imaginary friends???????? Or do they "See People" (sixth sense)

    Blimey!!!! its always baffled me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wind your neck in= Stop being a gobby cnut!
  4. I've often thought theres no civvy word for 'Jack': selfish comes close but not quite derogatory enough more like 'selfishinconsideratecnut'

    oh....and 'skiff' of course.
  5. The old ens are the best.

    1. Swing your arms shoulder height front to rear every where.

    2. Stand at ease everywhere.

    How i laughed, nay howled with tears streaming down my eyes to see slightly confused recruits at AFC Harrogate doing it. LITERALLY!!
  6. shut up and face your front!
  7. "You're in your own time now lads"
  8. Skiff........ what a great word, even better meaning
  9. look;
    at the risk of sounding a cnut, what exactly does "skiff" mean?

    not familiar with that one........

    one of my faves has always been "bone", as in

    "this is fcuking bone, this is..."
  10. STAND TO !!!
  11. Skiff= the act of inserting one's finger, knuckle deep up ones arrse, collecting anal detritus within, and smearing it broadly across a victims top lip, producing a dirty sanchez like effect, emitting the word 'SKIFF' as it is performed.
  12. Jobs a Fish

    :?: WTF :?:
  13. Q: Situation?

    A: 'Copesetic'.
  14. Skiff= not copesetic
  15. Well, 'skiffing' is a bit after my time. But if some cnut did that to me in the Pig's Bar, then there would be great bloodshed... and not mine either! 8O