Military words of motivation

There is no such thing as a good, bad or indifferent Soldier.
To be called a soldier is deserving of the highest compliments.
It need no prefixes or describing words, It is an absolute.
Much like being alive or dead, You are either a Soldier, or you are not.
That was doing the rounds at CFB Wainwright, circa 1996

Got any more?

This could go NAAFI if need be :grin:
'Form three sides of a circle round me'.

'Half go with Cpl X around to the right, half with Cpl Y to the left, and the rest come with me....'

'Silence when you speak to an officer!!'

The best words of motivation were passed to me as a WO2:

"Dingerr, stop stressing about the course, consider the punishment if you fail - they WON'T send you to Afghanistan"
Talking of motivation. Is it just me or is the current Bde Comd from 7Armd Bde look like he be a right hard bastard, that or else its a 20 yr Sapper who's nicked the bosses uniform for a laugh!!... I bet he gives a motivation talk.. Do it or ******* else!


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Motivational words? 'JAIL!' It doesn't get much more motivating than that.
"Failure to neutralise the fuse before extraction, will definitely find you not part of this world"

This sort of motivated me.

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