Military words of motivation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Robbo_72, Aug 30, 2013.

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  1. Robbo_72

    Robbo_72 War Hero

    That was doing the rounds at CFB Wainwright, circa 1996

    Got any more?

    This could go NAAFI if need be :grin:
  2. "You ******* scrote" always preceded a touch of military motivation at Lympstone in 1985 if I recall.
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  3. What a ******* shit thread.
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  4. Taffd

    Taffd Guest

    That's not very motivating.
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  5. "Its the last bounty training weekend" Always got me going
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  6. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    pull it you **** , pretend you is pulling han hararb orf yer mummy
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  7. "You're in your own time now gentlemen. I've got salad for my tea, I can stay here all night if needs be."
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  8. **** off.
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  9. "Shut up and listen in"
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  10. 'Form three sides of a circle round me'.

    'Half go with Cpl X around to the right, half with Cpl Y to the left, and the rest come with me....'

    'Silence when you speak to an officer!!'

  11. recaprevenge

    recaprevenge War Hero

    **** sakes switch on

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  12. "March yourself away you shagging horror!!"
  13. dingerr

    dingerr LE

    The best words of motivation were passed to me as a WO2:

    "Dingerr, stop stressing about the course, consider the punishment if you fail - they WON'T send you to Afghanistan"
  14. recaprevenge

    recaprevenge War Hero

    Talking of motivation. Is it just me or is the current Bde Comd from 7Armd Bde look like he be a right hard bastard, that or else its a 20 yr Sapper who's nicked the bosses uniform for a laugh!!... I bet he gives a motivation talk.. Do it or ******* else!


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