Military words of motivation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Robbo_72, Aug 30, 2013.

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  1. That was doing the rounds at CFB Wainwright, circa 1996

    Got any more?

    This could go NAAFI if need be :grin:
  2. "You ******* scrote" always preceded a touch of military motivation at Lympstone in 1985 if I recall.
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  3. What a ******* shit thread.
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  4. That's not very motivating.
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  5. "Its the last bounty training weekend" Always got me going
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  6. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    pull it you **** , pretend you is pulling han hararb orf yer mummy
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  7. "You're in your own time now gentlemen. I've got salad for my tea, I can stay here all night if needs be."
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  8. **** off.
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  9. "Shut up and listen in"
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  10. 'Form three sides of a circle round me'.

    'Half go with Cpl X around to the right, half with Cpl Y to the left, and the rest come with me....'

    'Silence when you speak to an officer!!'

  11. **** sakes switch on

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  12. "March yourself away you shagging horror!!"
  13. The best words of motivation were passed to me as a WO2:

    "Dingerr, stop stressing about the course, consider the punishment if you fail - they WON'T send you to Afghanistan"
  14. Talking of motivation. Is it just me or is the current Bde Comd from 7Armd Bde look like he be a right hard bastard, that or else its a 20 yr Sapper who's nicked the bosses uniform for a laugh!!... I bet he gives a motivation talk.. Do it or ******* else!


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