Military Wont Discipline Marine

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. I cant remeber who, but somebody posted a video on a thread a few weeks ago about a US Marine who sung the song Hadji Girl.

    Here's the follow up on it:

    The Marine Corps has decided not to take disciplinary action against a Marine whose song “Hadji Girl” drew condemnation from a Muslim-American advocacy group and spawned a preliminary inquiry, according to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing.

    In a video posted on the Internet, Cpl. Joshua Belile sang a love song about a Marine who falls in love with an Iraqi girl, and is taken to meet her family. The girl’s family shoots her and then attacks the Marine, who uses her younger sister as a shield and watches blood spray from her head.

    The song was slammed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which demanded an investigation by Congress and the Pentagon.

    Belile, who is based at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., apologized for the song in a local newspaper and vowed never to sing it again.

    “I apologize for any feelings that may have been hurt in the Muslim community. This song was written in good humor and not aimed at any party, foreign or domestic,” he told The Daily News of Jacksonville, N.C.

    After launching a preliminary inquiry, the Marine Corps announced on Tuesday that Belile will not face a formal investigation into the matter or punitive measures for the video.
  2. It was a stupid song, but disciplinary action would have been way OTT. A good commonsense decision by the USMC.
  3. Most of us have sung inappropriate songs at some point or another, usually with the aid of alcohol. If you punish one, punish everyone and where do you stop then...
  4. Exactly, and I believe he apologised.
  5. Good on him for accepting responsibility and apologising for any offence caused.
  6. I couldn't agree more. No one should ever be offended. No one. Ever.
  7. I side with the USMC. His apology sounded sincere enough to me. Alot of marines I know really are very concious of the Muslim community here, and worry about how things are received by the muslim community.
  8. F*ck me, the American's did something right?? Whatever next..... :lol:
  9. Except for making him apologise. Why should he? He is entitled to sing his song whether other like it or not. Or is it free speech for some, but not for others?

    If some Muslims were up set so what? They will now move on and find something else to be upset about. I no longer care about their feelings. I have had enough of them. It matters not. The Muslims are upset 100% full stop and they will continue to be so until they decide not to be. There is nothing anyone else can do about it unless you advocate that everything said or done now has to be subjected to a Muslim approval system.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I've not seen or heard this vid with the accompanying jolly little ditty, but was the Marine in question in uniform for the recording ?
    If so then I'd have said he was lucky, imagine what the hand-wringers and media here would have done had it been a British serviceman !
    Sect 69 would have been the least of his worries.
  11. If I remember rightly, I dont think he was in uniform.

  12. I'm getting fed up too. Why can't they show a SOH like christians did at the life of Brian?
  13. Of course, the film presented by News of the World was made withing a conception of freedom of speech. As for feelings of Arabs then the 'producers' didn't care.

    By the way what is a result of promised investigation? Was anybody disciplined?
  14. I think he had MARPAT trousers and the standard green T-Shirt. So he was partially in Uniform
    Read the first post Sergei
  15. Oh, sorry Chief_Joseph. I mean another video presented by News of the World this February where British soldiers teach young Iraqis good manners. I asked was any soldier disciplined? What is the fate of mr.Webster (a producer of the video)?