Military will need break when Afghan mission ends:

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. Military will need break when Afghan mission ends: Canadian army chief

    Last Updated: Monday, March 9, 2009 | 6:59 PM ET
    The Canadian Press
    The military may need a one-year break from operations starting July 2011 when the Afghanistan mission winds down, the head of Canada's army said Monday.

    Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie told the Senate defence committee Monday that the Canadian Forces have been strained by the mission that began seven years ago and need time to regroup.

    "In the mid-term and beginning in July 2011, we will have to explore the possibility of taking a short operational break, that is well-organized and synchronized, of at least one year," he said.

    Parliament agreed last year to extend Canada's military mission in Afghanistan to 2011 from the previous 2009 pull-out date. In addition, Canada currently has less than 100 soldiers deployed as part of a dozen other operations around the world.

    A break may be needed, Leslie said, because the military is suffering from shortages of personnel, particularly experienced senior officers, as well as equipment.
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  2. The only reason they will need a break is by 2011 they will have no servicable equipment left to use.

    It seems to me that someone within the Canadian DoD or Public Works Dept really objects to them being in Afghanistan and is putting blockers on any contracts to repair and upgrade the equipment they have.

    The figures quoted are shocking, have they been taking a leaf out of the MOD's books? Mind you if they were, then they would find a way of making the Cannucks use the knackered and wornout equipment on operations......MOD syle.

    It makes me wonder why they are letting this happen, if they don't have enough mechanics, do what the MOD did, and civilianise the jobs, it obviously worked wonders for the UK military to outsource at a higher cost.......
  3. Well done the Canuks for standing along side Tom, once again.
    The Brit Army/Armed Forces will not exists when they come to end their Afghan Mission.
  4. At a NATO sponsored conference on ammunition disposal a couple of years ago (UNCLAS) a Canadian Tree Hugger from their MoD gave a talk on cleaning- up explosive contamination from some training area.When I asked what they were cleaning up they said it was residue from 66mm LAW. When I pointed out that they were making a mountain out of a molehill it seems they weren't - these anti armour natures were experiencing a 50% failure rate. Seems they bought them on the cheap.

    Its not just us folks and I had a couple septics banging on last night as well so its all relative.
  5. 50% failure rate? That must boost cofindence no end. :(
  6. Especially after you've carried it 20 miles!