Military Will Court Martial Army Doctor "Birther"

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. Anyone else have to google "birther"?

    Land of the free?
  2. Don't suppose Orly Taitz is appearing for the defence??? Now that I would pay to watch. :D

  3. 'Sorry-I assumed too much-the term is a purposefully pejorative term coined by the fawning press to deflect legitimate questions about His bona fides to be President and Leader of the World. No other President has been so closed about his background as our Nobel Laureate.
  4. A tinfoil-mad-hatter who questions Obama's nation of birth rather than just fess up to the fact that he doesn't like having a black man as his President.
  5. Regardless, I presume you're happy that a Lt Col refusing to serve in a war zone is to be court martialled? It's not as if St Obama started the war ...

    I like this comment from the NBC article, though:

    Having said that, there seems to indication of morale problems with the US medical services officers. Dodgy trick-cyclists and now this? Can't be easy dealing with the maiming of quite so many.

    I assume this is considered as fake as the 9/11 videos? (Just for the record - I don't doubt either of them but a surprisingly large number of people do ...)
  6. mmm... Some damn fine photos on there using the side bar. Slightly NSFW depending on who you work with.
  7. Hey JJ: Do you actually READ the Huff Post?? :omg: You are aware of course that it is the mouthorgan of the Liberal Left, right? :? They slavishly follow the Party line as Pravda did in the days of the old USSR so you're unlikely to get any unbiased news from THEM. :x

    As for the doc, he's probably going to lose his case. The Army has to court-martial him to encourage the others, as they say. Whether one considers an order from "The Anointed One" illegal because he refuses to prove definitively that he is a natural born citizen is irrelevant. Discipline and good order in the Army must be maintained. The Doc let the side down; we could have used his expertise in Afghanistan.

  8. In my defen(c)se, I read a wide array of sources to try to be as informed and "fair and balanced" as possible--unlike some apparently on these forums! I sympathi(s)ze with the good doctor but actions have consequences and if he cannot establish the order was unlawful along the lines he as suggested, he should suffer the consequences.

    The other course of action for those serving who have such concerns or other moral issues (serving with homosexuals for example) is to resign or retire and then argue their cases as private citizens, whatever they may be. There is not other choice for officers in my view. They set the example for their subordinates and also have sworn a sacred oath to support and defend the Constitution--not to ANY individual.
  9. He really does look like some lawn jockey's I've seen. 8O
  10. And how may I ask do you KNOW that is his motivation? Whil(st) I do not know you and why you make such accusations and will therefore avoid doing what you have done in terms of presumptive name-calling, I do know that the charge of "bigot" or "racist' is made very often in the US at least as a way to silence or marginalize people, many of whom contrary to your rather childish characterization do not wear tinfoil hats and are anything but nutters.

    I await your explanation as to why merely asking our President to provide information of a kind that every other of His predecessors has made available to the public is necessarily insane or bigoted? As numerous thoughtful and reasonable people have noted, all this could be readily addressed with the release of all records and a candid response from Him.
  11. I'd be interested to see if the Doc had issues relating to the alleged election fraud in Florida that so benefited Dubya.... If he's so concerned that the President is entitled to be President then that would have to have been a concern.
  12. I'm sorry, do you get to question every order or the legitimacy of that order in the British Army? Got tell your RSM you dont believe he has the right to tell you how to turn out......

    Imagin a military that allows that

    Sorry Sarj major, cant kill those Tali's right now, listening to Dido.. be off for a bit. :roll:

    If I say I wont follow My Lieutenant until I see his Ranger School 1058 I will be gone in a flash awaiting charges, but hey thats the Military fo you....

    I dont like Obumble, I think he's a Horrid President but he is legally my Commander in Chief. Unless he gives an Illegal order I am bound to obey while wearing the uniform.
  13. forget about the English/Yankistani spelling/pizzing contest, shouldn't you be brushing up on your Spannish??................

    remember your on a clock now.............;)

  14. I just do that as a bit of a joke-no offen(c)se intended. :D