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Hi, Im new to ARRSE and I've only been a Gunner for a little over a year. Im trying to get some serious answers to a couple of questions that endless amounts of net surfing has failed to answer. I have also asked JNCO's and SNCO's and everytime I get a different answer.


I currently serve with the Royal Artillery and I am getting married next year. My future wife has planned the event well and desperately wants to stay in keeping with RA tradition. I have planned an Honour Guard/Sword Guard purely for the traditional photographs but I am unsure as to whether we are 'permitted' to wear swords with our No1 Dress as we are all at the bottom of the command chain. I/they have no intention of performing any form of salute as we are only Gunners and therefore there is no one to salute to, but I would like us to be able to wear the swords as a compliment to the military uniform.

Does anybody know where the dress regs stand on this matter or is it just a personal choice? :?

I understand that anybody can hire these swords from many reputable companies.

Many thanks.
Techically, it should only be you in No 1 Dress and the honour guard in 2's. As for the swords, you can wear them.
RA dress regs- you can wear the swords with permission. Have you asked your RSM as this is his area?


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The RA has dress regs? Looking at some of the officers in the past I very much doubt it :) I'm sure Gremlin or Cuddles will agree on this at some point.

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IIRC the above photo to which you refer was of some cadet type travesty, and has been excoriated at length elsewhere on ARRSE.
Techically, it should only be you in No 1 Dress and the honour guard in 2's. As for the swords, you can wear them.
The groom is normally in No 1 Dress (ceremonial) and the Guard of Honour in No 1 Dress (non-ceremonial).

As for the swords, do the right thing and book a slot with your RSM...he's the one that'll give you shit if you get it wrong so get the gen from the horse's mouth!
Doesnt matter what you wear, just make sure yer wifes not wearing kinckers
Yeah, there was a DIN issued last year re dress at weddings. It basically says that all normal dress restrictions do not apply when getting married.

It goes on to say:

Soldiers should always, where possible, marry in No 1 Dress.

Wearing a badge of rank higher than the soldier actually holds is admissable, but ony one substantive rank higher .

Gold braid should be tailored to the jacket shoulders and cuffs, irrespective of regimental or corps dress regulations.

Unauthorised and non-entitled medals may be worn, as can sword belts. Swords must be worn and carried by all ranks when
getting married.

If you are on DII, put "wedding dress" into the MOD Intranet search engine and the DIN will appear. If not please feel free to use this message as your authority to wear the said attire.
Write a short letter to your RSM asking for advice, I'm sure he will brief you on what you can do, Ea CORPS/Regts have different policies. I have organised a few Guards of honour and we all had swords.

The Guard of Honour salute is not for an Officer it is for the Ceremony so everyone is entitled to that. Search for an example on Utube there are a few proper examples on there (and many sh*te TA/Cadet examples)

if you turn up at your RSMs door un-announced you'll probably get fucked off!


To the OP - don't bother asking around too much; as you've already discovered everybody seems to have a difference of opinion. Asking the same question on here will only result in further confusion when someone will eventually come up with a confident sounding answer; which will inevitably result in the realisation that the confident answer will be from someone who served for 3 weeks back in 1991 who feels the need to add their tuppence-worth as it gains them 'internet credability'.

Don't bother with your own military tailors either. Like all support services that work on military garrisons, they are notoriously rude (especially to lower ranks), and will quote further regulations at you that probably don't exist or even if they did, were last inplemented during the Cold War when people were still getting annoyed with their puttees coming loose. Moreover, they will tend to spout a list of things you can't do, or won't do as opposed to providing any kind of customer service you'd expect, whilst gladly taking your hard-earned cash. And if you must wear a sword - beware as there are companies out there that will try to bill you around £500 for sword hire which is outrageous.

For my own wedding, I did a little digging around and came across this little company:

Medway Medals - Medway Medals Military Tailor & Medal Specialist

Friendly staff, a bit of a drive (depending on where you live in the world), but cheap, reliable, and very knowledgable about what you can and cant do. They are extremely accommodating and a breath of fresh air compared to everyone else I had spoken to up until this point. Oh and they will kit your whole outfit out with swords too at a fraction of the cost the 'vultures' will charge.

No need to thank me - just have a cracking day, and look after your lady!


The only ranks that I've seen wear swords outside the WOI/Officer structure are those from the Troop and as you've listed you loc as Thorney I'm guessing that you aren't one of them - but I may well be out of date.

Best advice, as above, book a slot to see the RSM; you'll need permission to wear one/ sign one out from him or the Adjt anyway.

Alternatively, as the RA aren't issued with those cool lancy type things (NOT the missiles) to wander under, what about equipping your honour guard with some ramrods?
Thanks is necessary. I happen to live in Medway and have heard of Medway medals before. I shall be paying them a visit. very useful advice. Many many thanks.


Thanks is necessary. I happen to live in Medway and have heard of Medway medals before. I shall be paying them a visit. very useful advice. Many many thanks.
You're welcome Reggie.

Oh and when you pop into the place and see the girls - tell them me and my best mate did the Thriller Dance for the wedding - and it's on YouTube if they fancy a butchers. They'll (hopefully) know what you're talking about! :)

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