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I know the internet is full of "crap" claiming to be genuine but can anyone shed any light on the plethora of "EOD Royal Engineer" watches that turn up on Ebay? I assume that this is a PRI shop thing or some such creation.
Not answering your question I know but on a simelar subject Argos sell a nice lttle lorus watch with a canvas strap for under £25.00 I have worn one for three years now - the dial glows in the dark but a bit of tape over it and velcro your sleave up it's fine. Why pay loads for something
May have the broad arrow - But differently not military issue!

Produced for 101 EOD Regiment Royal Engineer (V) as a PRI item.

Dead givaway is the US Army Ordnance Corps stamp on certificate!

Hmmm, I have seen a very similar looking watch that I was told was made as a presentation piece. It's difficult to tell from the photo, but the one I saw had cats behind the numbers and on the sweep hand, the pictured one doesn't appear to have thhose embelishments.


Interesting, I have been shown one of these watches(with the black cat) just the other day. It was bought at a garage sale in SYDNEY belive it or not. It had the 101 EOD logo on it too. It was brand new and I was asked if I had seen them before. I cannot remember anyone in 101 wearing one although I haven't served with them but did spend a while at 33. Never saw them at 33 either so quite a wierd one. Still strange to see one over here, the guy bought it for about $10.00 Aus. Don't see any RLC Felix ones up for grabs, maybe can't tell the time then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

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