Military Watches - Recommended Books?


The previous thread on "What Watch" has steered my interest in things that go tick. Now, theoreticaly not only would collecting watches give me a few interesting things to wear but would also be an investment for the future.
I think I'll go for 70's - 80's watches manly with a light dusting of other era's :eek:)

Can any one suggest any good books on the subject?

Can investing in watches be a good investment?

Cheers in advance?
Do not get into watch collecting with mistaken visions of an investment. They perform poorly as such. Collect them because you enjoy them.
not entirely true...Rolex are a rock solid investment. eg, a s/s sub would have cost around £2500 in 1998; you could sell today for around £3500
Thanks for the advice.
I'll order the books off Amazon once the Crimbo rush has gone.

I suppose that watches fall under the same as art and antiques, highs and lows, influenced by ever changing fashions and culture.

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