Military ward at Birmingham to be managed by NHS.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dingerr, Mar 5, 2011.

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  1. Ward 412 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham is the primary location for injured troops requiring initial care.

    Within the next couple of weeks complete running of the ward will pass to the NHS.

    There has already been a reduction of 15 military nurses.

    It's all shambolic considering the funding poured into it by the MoD.
  2. Yes......So whats the problem dingerr?

    Military Nurses are better than NHS ones?

    Military Hospitals are better than NHS ones?...............Oh hang on..............There arn't any Military Hospitals!

    Looks like the defence cuts have just saved themselves a few bob by getting rid of 15 QARANC's. Think you'll find there'll be worse to come yet mate!
  3. If managed by NHS, military patients might be moved to other wards and not receive the specialist care required, furthermore being in the same ward as others who have been through similar experiences helps cope mentally.
  4. Not forgetting if its MANAGED by the NHS, there will be more Managers than Nurses! :-(
  5. And managers who understand nothing about aeromed.
  6. It has to be said that with the best will in the world, the NHS will need to look at the big picture when managing it's assets. That means that the military bit will be subsumed into the general mire. I do think that if you are in hospital because of wounds received while on operations, you should get the very best treatment, something that might sometimes not happen if you are just part of the general structure.
  7. Any link to where you got this info from Dingerr?
  8. I,m sure with all of the announced cuts right across the military, and considering our on going commitment overseas I bet the Yanks are looking in our direction and quietly saying to themselves "what a bunch of knobheads that government is", I think I would prompt them with several improved vernaculars, but kids may be reading. Maybe if every MP was forced to present one of their children for service in the military as part of their commitment to the populous, given they have raped us all over the years with their ridiculous and fraudulent expenses claims they would give much more thought to making wild and mislead cuts in a rush to save money, it would seem the only people in the country who are in no way expecting to have their wages reduced or their jobs under threat are the MP,s. funny are,nt they
  9. I'd go further than that. Wounded soldiers deserve the very best of care and we should be looking after our own. Even if it was only one Tri-Service Military Hospital somewhere with a runway suitable to take aeromed it would be something. They'll be offering soldiers BUPA at reduced rates soon the way they're going.
  10. It's not in the media. I was in QE (not in 412 unfortunately) last week and was talking to some staff. A slight more accurate than most media reports.

    Those I have spoken to believe it will have far reaching consequences.
  11. Maybe they are hoping H4H will take it on so they can get rid of their responsibilities completely

  12. Military Nurses? Yes. Last time I was in QA in Pompey, the Mil nurses were not only more professional, they actually related to me like I was a human being, not just another faceless NHS number passing through. The NHS staff were always easy to find though, they were all down the nursing station twittering on about eastbenders or how hard done by they were.

    Military hospitals better? Depends what you define as better. If you mean cleaner, less chance of a post op infection, (never saw any of the staff at RNH Haslar sniff their noses and announce 'not my job to clean that up' and strop off like an NHS prima donna), and MRSA being just a story in the papers? Well, yes, they were.
  13. sonoficarus.... from my observations at QA and you dit about Haslar, pretty well spot on.
  14. I'll be looking out for announcements. I really hope those staff have got a garbled version, because it does sound a complete nonsense.

    They do still have, I hope, the excellent military "matron" (not job title, but essentially what she is).
  15. The NHS nurses that usually work on 412 as are the military ones.