military veterans to get priority NHS treatment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gun-bunny, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. I have to give a presentation of the following topic next week. I've done most of the research so far and put it together. I'd just like to get a few opinions/quotes on the topic. Cheers, GB

    "UK military veterans should/should not have a higher priority of treatment in the NHS because..."
  2. Should.

    Because they are Military Veterans. Sh1t bust. Job done. No further comment needed
  3. They should not, as all citizens have an equal right in the nation.
    Equally, if their illness is a result of, or can be attributed to, their service to the nation, they should, as their actions have preserved the nation and its citizens.
  4. So speaks the man living in Greece if your location is to be believed.

    Do one. Should. End of.

  5. Er... Cyprus, shurely?
  6. Good one Rickshaw, should make you very popular. You let all the benefit scroungers, illegals, migrants, gippos, chavs and the pond life of this country etc go first whilst the serviceman who has given his all for this sceptred isle, suffers at home and probably in pain. Why let politicians get special treatment and special pensions, most of them at the moment seem to be embroiled in financial scams and most do little if anything for the good of this country.
    And you wonder why over a third of the people sleeping rough on the streets of London are ex-servicemen ???
  7. I actually agree with Rickshaw on this. If your illness/health problem is caused by your service in the forces then yes, you absolutely should get priority.

    However if it isn't then there's no reason why priority should be given to servicemen/ex-servicemen for these conditions.
  8. I believe veterans SHOULD be given preferential treatment by the NHS. Any man or woman putting their lives on the line for their country deserves as much - and more. Mind you it would be nice if serving personnel were given the best of medical treatment too (still takes seven and a half times longer to CASEVAC a Brit soldier in Afghanistan than it did the Americans in Viet Nam almost forty years ago).

    Britain should try to emulate the USA in care and respect for their veterans AND their serving men and women.

    Oh yes! We get a Veterans badge!
  9. To add a twist, it would be nice if serving TA soldiers were a priority, they come off tour and end up NHS chasing for months or more. Maybe serving forces should get to the front of the queue? Regulars have the mil system but reservists have nothing.
  10. The problem is that there is no de facto priority for war pensioners/AFCS recipients as any referral is down to the GP who does not have to recognise priority.
    At the moment priority only applies when one has managed to persuade the GP to refer one to hospital and received an Outpatient/Inpatient appointment.
  11. Should..........They deserve it due to their willingness to put themselves in harms way on behalf of this country and any self respecting civvy should gladly stand aside and let a wounded veteran get treated before them out of thankful respect. :D
  12. My Bold.

    The reason is because they have, at some point in their life served their nation.

    That is reason enough. I also believe, that if they discharge honourably (ie not kicked out) they should get a lifelong lower rate of tax (10 %) and free public transport for life.

    Why? Because they have SERVED. What about you?
  13. Too right! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
  14. Sorry, but this will never happen despite all the anouncesments by Government to the contrary.

    Doctors are required by their training and Hypocratic oath to put the mediacl needs of the patient first above all other considerations. This means that they will only ever assess a patients priority against his/her clinical needs. Any atempt to force them to give higher priorities to specific groups will be ignored i the face of medical priorities.

    Veterans getting priority is a nice idea but it will never happen as doctors are not ethically allowed to do it.
  15. Hmmmm, sharp bite. The fellah asked for the yes and no angle. I gave him the left and right of arc.
    If you're going to pick a fight, choose your terrain (and start by using Cyprus as a battlespace as some of the more acute here have already noted).
    Oh, and whats wrong with living in Greece anyway? (not that I am....)