Military Veterans File Suit Over Rape Claims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. Military Veterans File Suit Over Rape Claims - CBS News

    Such a barbarian brutality.
  2. Yes, beatings in the Russian Army are still common, though the scale is lesser than previously. As for rapes in the Russian Army then I haven't heard about it. Maybe one or two isolated cases.

    As I'm aware (correct me if I'm wrong) rapes in HM armed forces are extremely rare.

    I remember one case in Yorkshire. Some soldiers had a group sex in barrcks with a girl below 16yo. From formal point of view it is a rape.
  3. I believe having sex with young male recruits is quite popular in the Russian army.

    'Russian army plagued with sex slavery and male prostitution'

    Russian army plagued with gay prostitution - Vanguard News Network Forum
  4. It's called 'doing an Assange' now. Pointing out the failings of others while ignoring/hiding your own. KGB has a track record of drawing attention to and over egging a problem with the US/UK/Western Armed Forces and ignores those much bigger problems that the Russian Armed Forces have.

    But then you all know that so why did I bother? ;-)
  5. Russians seem to have a thing about rape, considering the amount they did during the fight for Berlin
  6. A 'proper investigation'? By whom? Oh, and, linky please - even if it is to the authorities denying they have a problem?
  7. Plant-Pilot, there is a lot of problems in Russian armed forces. But it is not so interesting to our friends. Russian army hardly is a threat to anubody except tie-chewing morons. In comparison with NATO forces Russian ones are in fact insignificant.

    But without USA NATO would be voided its backbone. I hope you agree with it. So high morale, spirit of military brotherhood (and sisterhood) is essential for security of many European countries, including the UK.

    If something goes wrong in the US army then is it a matter for big concern. is it?
  8. You mean as is usual in Russia, all the witness's had car crashes or committed suicide?
  9. They are inventions, flawed 'estimates'? no more.
  10. Im sure the 100,000 eye witness accounts and historical evidence would beg to differ
  11. Are you serious, or have you started on the boot-polish early today?
  12. The report about so called 'gay slavery' was forged by (likely paid) female activist. No one 'gay prostitute' was found, no one comlpained.
  13. Jesus I wish you would have given me time to nip down to the betting shop I would have made a fortune on your statement just then!