Military vehicle number plates

When I was serving the military number plates were; two numbers, two letters, two numbers, combo i.e. 12 GB 12.

Now they are; two letters, two numbers, two letters, combo i.e. GB 12 GB.

Please can anybody advise me in which year they changed to the new system and was the new numbering system brought in on all class of vehicle at the same time.

Many thanks.

PS; A free Puka pie to the first ex trogg who can confirm the vehicle which carried 12 GB 12 number plates.
Is it a 16 Ton 8x4 Low Mobility Truck by any chance?

Edited to add: Hollands cheese and onion pie please! I don't like Pukka, reminds me of living down South without gravy in the chippies!
Oh dear Lord..... I bet you have a pot of red paint in your garage to daub the wheel nuts on your car.....which doubtless has the TP stencilled above each wheel arch. Let it go man, for your own sanity, let it go......
PS; A free Puka pie to the first ex trogg who can confirm the vehicle which carried 12 GB 12 number plates.
Foden 16Ton 8x4 Low Mobility Truck held on account at 8 Sqn RCT, 27 Regt until 1991 when the Foden fleet was replace by 14 T TM...... Yes I am ex 8 Sqn RCT
How can I "unread " this thread?
MMS - you read it because you are a Trog. Don't pretend that you didn't enjoy it! Unfortunately it can't be 'un-read' and the information that went in via your eye holes has pushed out more important information via your nose holes. Knowing you, it was probably something like ' how to complete a left turn on the march' that has been confined to the annals of 'forgotten stuff'.

Strima enjoyed this thread so much, he went even more ginger in appreciation of it's interesting and complete nature.

I read the thread because you made comment on it...........I'm stalking you and actually live in the bottom drawer of your rather large desk.
I read the thread as I to remember my previous vehicle vrn's that I had the joy to "own"!
19GB88, 21KB68, 19GB13, 10HH47. All foden tankers!
And im not even a sad Driver!
BissPiss, don't say a word or I'll out you with a picture of you sat in the drivers seat of a UST!
Must point out that DB21 is throwing some dosh in to the Hols4heros pot over my googling skills!

Good chap though!
I raise u a tac b refueller ! And u used those nice pilot gloves and not scratchy socks!
Listen mate, I AM a trog and I dont even know the number of the vehicle I am driving now, wait one.
I didnt post this.
Where's the Delete button?
Is that it next to the one saying Go Advance?
Lets see
I hope this is not too off topic, but I am wondering if anyone knows if it is legal to put private number plates on a used military vehicle? My friend is to purchase a Willys HOTCHKISS M201 (1963). I have been trying desperately to persuade him not to change the original plates and am quite flabbergasted that he would do such a thing...but I told him that I would try to research the answer on his behalf.

Thank you for your input and I apologise if this is not an appropriate thread for this topic.


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