Military vehicle markings?

What markings would be proper on the exterior of a 1975-1985 Royal Artillery (TA) Land Rover Series III vehicle? I know there would have been a bridge plate, but what about unit markings, artillery badge, vehicle number, or what? If it is possible, tell me where these might be found on the vehicle and what they looked like. Thanks, Bil
Triangle, square, circle, half-circle on the door, used to denote the battery (RA) or company it belongs to.

Tyre pressures above the wheel arches.

Sometimes dayglow TAC symbols in the windscreen.
Being Arty it would have the Blue and Red markings on the LHS(?) wing
Circa 1985, ours had no markings at all other than the number plate and the tyre pressures in small numbers above the wheels on the wings.

Later on we used small pieces of dayglo tape in the window but that was about it.

Sorry to be so dull.
With regard to the half circle markings for troop , does anyone know what the symbol would be for E troop of a RA battery? Putteesinmyhands do you know? Also, where can I get my troll decal? :) Bil
It's not that simple. Circa 1982 there was increased emphasis on OPSEC and many vehicle markings were removed. There could have been differences between UK and BAOR based units. However,

1. I never saw triangle, etc sub-unit markings on RA vehicles. It was basically a RAC thing.

2. Unit tac signs (replaced the old WW2 type colour background tac signs circa 1970). These were about 5 cm high, white on a black background. Basically the division number, a slash and a unit code number (eg 1/nn for a unit in 1 Div - I can't remember the standard numbers for RA units, doubtless someone will). This was usually on the front and rear bumper bar but sometimes above it. Some were painted but some units were printed on adhesive waterproof paper.

3. Vehicle role tac signs (eg Z for CO, etc, etc). By the 1970s the system of using a red and blue background with a quarter to show the sub-unit had disappeared, most batteries used the standard tac sign letter for the vehicle role but the background colour was that used by the individual battery (all sorts of colours in all sorts of shades).

4. Battery badges (colour printed with a self adhesive back) on vehicle doors, very much the trend at this time until stopped by OPSEC
My LW was issued to and spent its entire life with the 212 Highland Battery of the 102 (later 105) Regiment RA (V). I wrote the battery captain who seemed excited to help be but I have not heard back from him. My questions is about unit markings. I read tonight some info about unit markings but not enough to figure mine out. For example, 25/7 is 2nd Army, Signals 37 Regiment (V) . So any one have an idea what the 212 Highland Battery E Troop of the 102 Regiment Royal Artilley (V) would be?
Also, anyone know where I can order s Royal Artillery decal (not the blue over red) but the crest? Also does anyone know the symbol for E Troop, as in a half cicle, a square or what? Cheers, Bil
Am a very old infanteer and remember a bit about veh markings... on our 3 tonners (as they were then) had two plates about 8" x 8" and for rovers they were smaller, maybe 5" x 5". The background colour for the unit plate was red (=inf) with a number in white, ours was 45 (some kind of strange code which identified the unit) and the other plate denoted the parent organisation, this was in my case a Tara harp in yellow with a green background.

Think, but am not sure, that the unit plate was on the right and the parent org plate was on the left.

I also remember a futile attempt to copy the tankies by painting the call sign inside either a circle, diamond, square or triangle which would (supposedly) let everyone know what Coy the veh belonged to.

(Yeah, I know, tankies didn't have Coys)

Prob was that being BPI a/ we got it wrong, and b/ it didn't work so it was given up almost as soon as it was thought of.
Memory finally cut in, the unit code numbers for field regts in divs in 1(BR) Corps were 66, 67, 68.

Not sure about TA AD. It may have been a 23 Arty Bde number (ie 23/nn) or a 3 digit number without a formation prefix. 23 Bde were HQ'd in Chester and comd all TA AD regts while they were in UK.
Petardier said:
It's not that simple. Circa 1982 there was increased emphasis on OPSEC and many vehicle markings were removed. There could have been differences between UK and BAOR based units. However,

1. I never saw triangle, etc sub-unit markings on RA vehicles. It was basically a RAC thing.
I joined 94 in 87 and we had Battery badges (or should I say silhouettes) on our vehicles, but these got removed. When 32 came across in 93 we used the square/triangle/etc. Being the senior Bty we had the Triangle IIRC not sure who had the square and circle and workshops had the D on its side (I think)

Edited to add:

I might have it wrong about who had the symbols, it might have been 94 post Bty badges, but we definitely had them at some time
In 1960 I was in 42 Regt LAD , the regiment's role was as the support (Fld) regiment with 3 Inf Bde
The unit signage on vehs was

RH front wing the 3 Bds sign which was a White plate on which wasa red triangle and inside the triangle a roman 3 (III).

On LH front was a red over blue square with the number 13 on it, 13 being the standard senior RA regt with an inf bde.

In the middle of the radiator grille was a smaller square to indicate bty and role in bty.

HQ bty had a red over blue

49 (Inkerman) battery hasd a quartered sqare with the top LH corner red and the rest blue.

68 battery had the top RH red and rest blue.

94 (New Zealand) had the bottom LH res and rest blue.

On these plates were the vehicle role designator X =BC K=BK, A,B,C,D,E and F= Gun tractors with their "Sub" letter and so on L=Fitters truck (LAD)
Rather than start a new thread, I thought I could tag my Q onto this thread, is that OK?

On a military number plate, What would RG stand for in the range RG ?? AA Its on a Luton Van up for sale as Army surplus.
1975, Dortmund, 36 Hy AD Regt RA...Tac Sign...141
I don't know about 1975-79, but by 1979 we were suppose to confuse the Soviets by not having any tac signs on any vehicles.

Vehicles had bridge plates and tyre pressures over wheel arches.

I think most batteries ignored the no tac signs directive with respect to the vehicle letters on B Vehicles within a battery. Thus the BC's landrover sported an X on the radiator & so on with Landrovers with G, H1&H2, K, M, R1 &R2, S1 & S2, J1&J2 and Bedfords Q1 & Q2,

Gun subs might carry a battery badge and the subsection letter. In 40 Field the Sub letter was in Gothic script on the Abbots).

By 1982-3 BAOR unit vehicles had the call sign painted on B Vehicle doors and the sides of AFVs. I have a feeling this came in at the same time as the revision of calls signs so we were all C/S <daily changing letter> <<Number between 0 and 4>> <<Number between 0 and 4>> <<Sometimes a letter>> (Though I have a recollection of seeing OP Vehicles with 51 & 52 written on them. I wonder if that was in BATUS where the vehicle fleet has high visibility call signs in 1980).

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