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Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Speedy, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Bet we wouldn't have heard about these 'irregularities' if HRH Wills hadn't button holed DC.
  2. Will they be able to put a Tate & Lyle badge with "By Royal Appointment" on the nose of their Seakings now?
  3. Only if you've been rescued by HRH ;)
    Maybe he'll give out a sticker to all the people he's helped rescue?
  4. Of course this does mean no new SAR aircraft for an unknown period of time now...
  5. "The irregularities included access by one of the consortium members, CHC Helicopter, to commercially sensitive information regarding the joint MOD/DfT project team's evaluations of industry bids and evidence that a former member of that project team had assisted the consortium in its bid preparation, contrary to explicit assurances given to the project team."

    So the contract was being rigged using insider information?

    Quelle surprise! I winder who was promised a cushy Directorship for that one?
  6. it's been halted to give the AAC time to get to speed with SAR,the clocks ticking toward the 100 year point!.
  7. On the bright side, our favourite West Country-based builder of garage doors and refurbisher of aircraft gets another reprieve.
  8. All jesting aside, when you consider the fact Nimrod MRA4 has been cancelled, with the loss of long range top cover for SAR, the timing of this faux pas is unfortunate to say the least.

    Let us hope unfortunate does not become fatal.
  9. It's not "military" FFS - it is mostly RAF
  10. The entire PFI contract always seemed a bit dodgy and would probably cost more in the long run than they said it would, but what i dont get about all this is the goverment will bend over backwards to support british industry at times even comprimising the forces over it but rather than going to westland for an easy contract for 30ish new merlins to replace the sea kings supporting the british economy and all, they contract in a forighn firm for it. i mean merlin is used by a number of other nations for SAR and if the goverment were to select it then it would probably give a large bost to westlands sails overseas like the seaking before it. money vould be saved by havind a medium blue command structure but being as the merlin is one of the main aircraft of the navy and RAF it wouldnt be a huge leap to have a SAR version introduced and crewed.
    rant over
  11. Apart from the RN bit? A sufficient contribution for it to be described as military and not RAF+ I think.
  12. Easy contract? Westlands?

    We're better off with Boeing. Or anyone else who makes helicopters...

    The best way to have Merlin is to reverse the Apache arrangement; Wastelands allows Boeing to make Merlin, and we buy from Boeing. That way there's a sporting chance of having them to budget and on time.
  13. yeah kinda forgot nothings easy with westland but their hardly reinventing the wheel though as a half decent SAR woud be what a HC3 with flir, whinch and the medical gear from the sea kings. it dosnt need to find red october in the mid atlantic nor be armoured against ground fire so hopefully not that pricy. on an american note isnt merlin in the running for some CSAR competition over their as well as barrys helo replacment?
  14. Don't fancy using a merlin on mountain rescues.