Military toys, gone but not forgotten.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speedy, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. I came across this by accident this morning and it got me all sentimantal.
    I used to have one and played with it more than any toy I had before or since. In this day and age of political correctness where Action Man no longer fights nazis and the only decent toy tanks are based on fantasy, I realise that kids are missing out on decent military toys such as the Dinky Toy Chieften tank.

    Can anyone else suggest any childhood military nostalgia on this snowy Monday morning?
  2. I don't remember Flight Deck but I do remember something similar that one of my mates had, which had a Westland Wessex that you were meant to land on a helipad. Anyone remember what that one was called ?.
  3. I had something like that. A helicopter which really flew (albeit on the end of a long rod) under its own power. It wasn't a Wessex but the idea was used by several different flying toys.
  4. Great little link - I had the JU 87 at the top of the dinky page in 1972 - hours of fun in the Dinky section thanx!
  5. I had the MRCA (Tornado), Cheiften, Geman half track, 88mm Guandseveal others. Quality toys.
  6. I had a Centurion tank, the armoured car and the scout car. I had several of Britains artillery pices, including a 25pdr, RHA stylee gun and a Wombat. They all fired plastic shells, which, once lost could be replaced by matchsticks.

    The toy I always wanted but never had, was called Johnny 7, not, as the name suggests, a re-usable condom, but a weapons system described as a 'one man army' (TCH's dream). It fired grenades, AT rocket, and the handgrip/trigger was actually a detachable pistol. A mate of mine had one and I was inordinately jealous of him.

    Pic found:
  7. Now that's some bit of kit! :D
  8. Action Man's Training Tower.

    I came downstairs on 25th May 1978 to find one fully assembled in the front room and had the best birthday ever.

    Enough said.

  9. Mine had a metal bomb that took a cap for that authentic ghetto shattering bang. Sweet! :D
  10. Action Man CVRT - the ultimate fighting machine!!!
  11. handy little link that one I had the Tank Transporter and ,I think it was a centurian cos my old fellah was in a RASC tank transporter Sqn. thats the first time I have seen a Saracen in any scale, might have to put me hand in me pocket and send off for one( Ex RCT Mesen 8) ), I dont suppose any one knows where I can get hold of a Humber 1 ton(Known to all and sundry as The Pig ),not the real thing I hasten to add. 8O
  12. When the 'Colditz' TV series was running in the early 1970s, someone bought my little brother a German Colditz guard dressing up outfit, complete with plastic coal-scuttle helmet. Chr!st how the poor b@stard suffered as he was repeatedly jumped on from behind, garrotted or had his throat cut by me in my 'Commando' outfit. It all ended in blood and tears though when I hurled myself at him once too often, plastic dagger in hand, and he tw@tted me in the mouth with a cap-firing Luger pistol, necessitating 6 stitches and my extremely p1ssed off mother sitting in the local casualty department for four hours with me while waiting to be seen.
  13. I had one of them, it was great until I decided to try and camo it up with some black paint I found in my parents shed, :(
    Anyone remember when you bought an action man or accessory you got a couple of stars on the box which you would cut out and place in a coupon type book, depending on how many stars you saved you could get a free accessory pack etc.
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Corr! You, Mister V-B, are a star of the first order ! Gold star, milk monitor for the week guy :D

    I thought this thing was just another hallucination of my long-gone childhood and , demme, you've found a pic !

    I too always wanted one of these ( a very un-PC childhood... I can recall making pistols out of building blocks at Infant school...) but it was , like, £37/6d or some such pre-Decimal huge sum of money......dang!

    Forcibly reminded of the Johnny Seven every time I see a pic of the M16/M203 combo so beloved of Hereford Hooligans and USF generally. Good to know I wasn't just making it up.....

    ( there, there y'old Goat...take it of these nice pink pills will see you right in no time....mutter,mumble...)

    Lee Shaver