Military to help young offenders

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 26, 2004.

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    In other words , just long enough for the Politicians to say "We are doing something about young offenders"

    It needs a month, how can you do something in a fortnight?
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  4. Think the key word here is VOLUNTARY. Most of the darling little scrotes I have known (as a member of the legal profession) would simply not even contemplate volunteering for anything, particularly something which may involve them in any form of discipline or getting out of bed during daylight hours. If we are going to do this then surely we should be doing it properly?. A compulsory and prolonged hard look at themselves in the context of a "Boot Camp" might be a better idea. Never mind, lets wishy-washy water it down why not?. After all the Regular Army surely has nothing better to do?.

    Maninblack is quite right about ethos of ACF. After a long gap from Reg & TA I joined ACF as AI just over a year ago, I am TOO OLD for anything else anyway.

    I have staff who turn up for weekend camps knowing they cannot be paid because they have done their allotted days and due to budget there is no money to pay them. I have cadets who by their efforts DESERVE more than we can give by way of resources.

    Over the past year I have been amazed at how some cadets, even on a voluntary attendance basis end up realising that yes, they have a value, yes they can change things and yes, they can have self esteem whilst doing so. Excellent youth organisation sadly knocked by all and sundry.

    Lets have some better funding please and lets have some good support from the Government and from the Army itself. I am a realist and know that my opinion counts for knack all but we ARE provding much needed input and helping young people realise that they do indeed have a value. Idealistic I know but I am happy to be involved.
  7. had a discussion on this (with a few drams) with my old mobs recruiting officer who maintained (at the time) that if the Army relaxed the rules on past criminal charges (including drugs) that would seriously assist in the recruiting drive.

    He was quite geniune in his belief that the recruit training system would deal with these guys and sort them out and as the ex-RSM i took his views quite seriously.

    Can i take it from the above posts that the Army does now take chaps (or scrots) with criminal records?
  8. Yep, someone in the MOD and the Home Office saw 'Bad Lad's Army' and thought 'hey, what a great idea!'

    There was a time when the ITC took in school kids for a week long 'get to know the army' thing. Until that is, one of my instructors told a 40 strong group of school kids to 'shut the f**k up'. This did not go down too well with parents informed via mobile phone the same evening that their little cherubs were being sworn at.

    Had the instrucor recieved additional training in order to prepare him for his new role as school teacher for a week? No. Will our instructors be given instruction as to how to deal with young offenders by the prison/probation service, police, social services. I doubt it.

    There is potential here for a lot of good blokes to be dropped in the s**t by a gang of teenage chavs. Beware. :(
  9. My current life involves the re education of Scrotes. Like the legal gentleman above, i agree thatit is unlikely to work unless made compulsory. Also a lot of these boys are good with the mouth and fists until confronted on an equal basis at which point they wilt and start crying. A vanishingly small percentage would make good soldiers. If taken in large groups into the forces they might get you a bit more manning in the RMP to deal with them but that's about it.

    My opinion is simple: Leave the scrotes where they are and concentrate on recruits who can develop a concept of loyalty and honour. Yes, the training process could deal with them but at a skin deep level only.
  10. Oh, by the way, am a bit thick as regards computer trickery. How do you get one of those nice little pictures under your name :lol: :?:
  11. So are we now expected to give up our weekends off to train these scrotes. I think there will be a mass exodus of SNCO's if this happens.