Military to act as future 'strike breakers'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 307, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. 307

    307 War Hero

    If this is true, perhaps the budgets should be rebalanced to reflect the fact the government has twigged there is only one public service that can always be relied upon.
  2. One Whitehall bloke pissed in a pub?
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  3. Has any one got any idea if we still stock cannister ammunition? Just wondering if call me Dave may be interested? Failing that I always liked the M18 Claymore.
  4. Is there anywhere on the tube network where one can race with another train? If there is that make help take the edge of the disappointment many will be feeling after it slowly dawn on them that 'strike breaking' does not involve the brassing up of greedy union labour.
  5. Nothing new here the Forces have always been invinted to cover for strikers. During my service we covered for striking firemen, binmen and tanker drivers as well as being called out when any of these tossers couldn't cope 'cos it was a bit wet or cold. Most of the time these arses were on better salaries than we were.
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  6. Teaching ... another easy public sector role.

    Policing ... ditto

    But no need to plan for those as they are non-essential roles.

    just ask the AA and RAC to attend road accidents and stick a few cones out.

    give the kids time off school

    Put some RE and REME chaps into the nuclear power stations they'll soon get the hang of running the power generation show.

    1969 Job evaluation exercise ?

    Deja vu
  7. Can't we just crack heads until they go back to work?

    No one really wants to do these bone jobs anyway.
  8. Since nearly all of these jobs will be paid a hell of a lot more than we are, do we get a percentage cut of their Salary and Pension. That would be nice.

    Re The Tube Drivers job. Couldn't the Veterinary Corps train the Regimental Mascots to do that so it didn't screw up leave.
  9. One can see the temptation for some in Government, outside the MOD, to hope for an Olympic-style bale out by the armed forces.

    This from yesterday's Prime Minister's Questions:

    However, I think the MoD would be resisting anything which goes beyond the existing JDP 02 - The Defence Contribution to Resilience, which still leaves a fair amount of scope.

    In the recent Press speculation, the Guardian said "Sources dismiss suggestions that soldiers could be deployed to cover for striking workers in jobs not related to public safety" -

    Military cover for workers on strike unrealistic, say defence officials | UK news |
  10. Since when can the Police strike?
  11. I like the heft of your jib there.

    But I'd give all that up in an instant for...
    Get back t'work povs.
  12. Not since 1919 was it?
  13. Sounds about right. When was the last mutiny in the Army? That would be interesting to know.
  14. When was the last mutiny in the Army? There was one at Northallerton Prison in 1946 by troops undergoing sentence. This resulting in armed troops being sent from Catterick to quell it.
  15. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    There was one at the old Aldershot Military nick as well in 1946.

    The original 'Glasshouse'.

    I wonder if they were upset about missing the war?