Military Times Interviews Barack Obama

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. This guy just talks sense. Although I'm not an American, I'd rather see him in power.

    Lets hope he does some good when he gets there. If he gets there.
  2. I actually like both McCain and Obama (this coming from someone who despises 95% of the people in the Senate). I'm just happy to not see Hillary in power (for now)
  3. Hillary just scared should change your laws and get old bill back.. McCain is a nice guy but backed by the old guard... don't think he will be different from them. Plus you also don't want to have a McPresident do you ?
  4. McCain is reluctantly backed by the old guard. Remember when he got the nomination, and Limbaugh and Coulter went ballistic (hold on, I'm reliving one of my happiest moments)? I talked to several conservatives who were highly displeased (one said "well I'll vote for him now, but I never liked that he wasn't in tune with the party")

    These are among the reasons I like McCain. It comes down to Vice-Prez picks for me to make a decision
  5. alot of fluff...Obama is clueless, hell he can't even keep his wife in check. As for showing good judgement, that made beer shoot out my nose. Does he include his friendships with Ayers, Wright and Rezko in the good judgement category.

    He's a smooth talking cunt nothing more and will say anything to get elected. Hell at the moment he's moving so far right, in perspective where he was during the primary fight with Billary, that he's pissing off all the nutters in the democratic party.

    McLame is just as bad; a usless old codger that thrives on media attention. The only thing he has going for him is that he is trusted on national security issues, and even there the bastard fails to realise that drilling for our own oil everywhere and anywhere we can is fundemental to it.

    They both suck!