Military themed PS2 games?

Christmas is fast approaching, and my son has (amongst many other things) asked for a 'soldier game' for his Playstation.

I'm looking for something which isn't too bloody, and is reasonably uncomplicated for him to play.

Does anyone have any recommendations for suitable games?

Thanks in advance.

if you can actually get it... americas army - rise of a soldier

it takes him through basics in the first few missions, and it gets progressively harder, and you can turn the blood off and have a PW protecting it...
Full Spectrum isn't a first person shooter so the player isn't directly 'killing' anybody but instead gives commands to a section. Its a little complicated getting used to the controls but not too bad.
The sequel to the game (FSW2 ten hammers) also has a British section to control to.

The yank interpretation of the brits however is very stereotypical.

Edited for poor spelling
"Black" is a very good 1st person shoot 'em up. I spent hours on that game.
Can anyone tell me how to get online with my ps2? Have plugged it in to the broadband modem thing, but the playstation asks for the network disc, is this the disc that came with the netgear modem gadget or was it something that came with the playstation? If the latter I'm bolloxed as I got the ps2 second hand 2 years ago?
PS2's come with a card in the box, you send this off and Sony send you a network disc.

Your local Sony store might be able to help you.


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