Military Themed Christmas Card for Combat Stress

Does anyone know of, or have a picture that would be suitable for Combat Stress to use as a Christmas Card for 2008? Preferably a Military themed card with a 'Christmassy' feel to it. Any photos, (e.g horseguards in snow) recommended paintings, drawings...any suggestions at all would be great. If anyone has any ideas please can they email me on or ring me on 01372 841616 and let me know. Hope someone can help.
Thanks for your support.
Kelita Groom
Volunteer & Community Fundraising Officer
Combat Stress
I always get the Horseguards in snow type ones. Can you do more this year than last? When I phoned to order they had run out :(
Hi Poppy,
I've found a really lovely Horseguards in the Snow one.....we don't want to use the same as last year even though it was really popular....we had to disappoint so many people when we ran out......this one though is very similar......and I will make sure I order far more than last year so no one is disappointed.
Thanks for your interest.

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