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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Von_Paulus, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. I have noticed that with our ever shrinking military, there are little reminders left all over the transport system where halts, stops & stations were named after nearby establishments.

    Do you know of any?

    Here are my starters

    Naafi Messing Store (a bus stop in SE London)

    Regents Park Barracks (another bus stop)
  2. The tube line out to MillHill east was originally built so they could repair searchlights etc at the REME workshop which is now a council depot.
  3. Portsmouth Harbour Stn. Used when we had a Navy.
  4. Extension of London Tilbury & Southend Railway to Shoeburyness was subsidised by War Department so that it could run lines further on and into Foulness testing area.

    Used to be a Purfleet Ranges halt between Purfleet and Dagenham Dock.

    Romney Hythe & Dymchurch railway had temporary lines laid pre-war to aid the build the concrete sound mirrors, something similar in the PLUTO control point in the area.
  5. Judging by my first trip on the DLR yesterday,it felt as if it had been laid since before the war.
  6. Not quite on topic but on most coastal lines in the South Coast you can still see many old pillboxes guarding junctions and crossing points, not very well concealed but nice to look at!
  7. Woolwich Arsenal
  8. Rail magazine about 2 weeks ago features a small station near Hastings me thinks, the pillboxes are built into the roof. Will search for issue when I get home.
  9. Tonfanau a camp halt between Tywyn and Llyngwyrl on the old Cambrian Coast Railway N. Wales.
  10. Knightsbridge is an old one... getting coat
  11. Although around Woolwich the station before was known as Woolwich Arsenal... ready to be corrected I was a youngster at the time.
  12. Where's that one then?
  13. Right. If you ever go through listen to wheels as they go over numerous sets of points.
  14. Fort Matilda not just a gun fort protcting the Clyde