Military terminology - help needed.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bagster, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    I'm doing a spot of translation for a friend, and not being as well versed in warry things as most of you, I need some help.
    I'm listening to a French bloke talking about the GIGN, the Gendarmerie's Special Intervention Group, no probs there. But, when he's asked how they're used with regard to combatting the threat of terrorism in France, he says "well, they're used for classic surveillance operations, as well as stalking people of interest"
    Now that's the translation, I trust my French, but what would be a better word for "stalking" in this context? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. The old security service term was "watching"!

    (edited for mong spelling)
  3. Well yea stalking is basically just watching and following.
  4. "Shadowing," possibly?
  5. You "stalk" a person like a hunter stalks game.
    IE, walk around ASDA looking for the meat section, then fill your trolley.
    Are you really that thick?
  6. surveillance?
  7. I'll remember that next time I'm up in court

    "No No your holiness! How very dare you and all that! I wasn't stalking I was merely watching .....nay carrying out surveillance...... er I mean carrying out a shadowing operation".

    Now not being good with the old english, can anyone else think of a suitable alternative to the old saxonian word ' Rape'?
  8. Shadowing

  9. Surprise sex?
  10. BOO!!!!!! Now get yer grundies orf!
  11. Outstanding .......7 posts from the interogative we're chatting about surprise sex!
  12. In my case 'Gentleman' is a complete misnomer, however...

    Given the activities and history of the GIGN it may be that 'stalking' is an accurate term. As has been mentioned above 'watching' is a term that the 'Watchers' in the UK Intelligence Services would tend to use. Then again, is 'UK Intelligence Service' now a contradiction in terms?

    Yes, I am now departing in short jerky movements...
  13. that's great gents, thank you all very much.

  14. Depends on whether you are looking at a literal/legal translation or an 'interpretative' translation. In the latter case, context permitting, I would turn the phrase round a touch - something on the lines of: "classic intelligence operations, as well as close surveillance on subjects of special interest."

    If you like, PM me with the French paragraph, and I'll have another look.

    Maybe slightly off-thread, but still with the French and stalking: On the road from Les Cluses to the ski resort of Flaine (Hte Savoie) there is a wonderful sign on the side of the road giving the opening and closing dates of the snail-hunting season. Somehow, I can never rid myself of the mental image of people armed with shotguns stalking snails!