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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by msr, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Actually this looks promising. Can't say to much about what use the info on killer satellites would be to the average tom but the tourniquet article at the bottom seems to be closer to the mark....

    (and in a related vein. Look here. I seem to remeber that Surgeon Commander Joly and Co experimented with something similar during the Falkands. Sort of electrically augmented accupuncture if memory serves.)

  3. So , a multimillion pound project?

    Or give the concept to the best aeromodeller hobbyists around and save a fortune?

    Hmmmmmm let me guess.
  4. Where can I buy a SpiderBot? I want one!
  5. This crimbo's hot toy AWOL , remember where you heard it first ;)
  6. Are those mad blokes still bravely flying their machines into walls of 7.62 on AA ranges?

  7. I seem to remember that the reason Tourniquets dropped out of fashion was that people forgot to release & re-apply them periodically, causing gangrene and huge numbers of unnecessary amputations.

    What's the betting that (if the story's true) history will repeat itself?
  8. Buahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaha Sticky


    And they love it, they build nice little greasy as feck models , and are pleased to hell when they can get through a wall of lead. Some of them are extremely competent aerodynamicists (Heh!) and bloody good designers. You give them all the materials they need, and enough money to keep the missus in nice shoes and bingo, and you'll have a prototype in no time, that will perform as asked.

    I've seen a scale C-17 that beggars belief, and some of the newer Jet powered models would be ideal as an interception platform. Looking at what they want , you won't combine long loiter with high speed dash.

    Though I expect they'll waste a couple of million proving that. You need something like Rutans space plane. A mothership with tremendous range and loiter time , and a 'parasite' fighter that can be launched at will.

    Sorry, I been sniffing dope and wood glue again :D
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I dropped a Mats I dropped one. Then I had to run out into a Marsh, heave the bstrd onto my shoulders and run back with it..

    Talk about cleaning the weapons, barrels, gas plugs later.... All of the damned ammo was 1:1 tracer and your feet smell of sheep sh*t
  10. R-S-I brought up the Tourniquets.
    Must admit they always sounded sensible EMERGENCY item to me, but every medic who trained me in my time was 100% against their use.
    Yes I understand improper use will cause amputation but Proper use by Trained Soldier will save lives.
  11. Jonwilly,

    I agree - if ever I'm unfortunate enough to need to stop a gusher on myself, I hope I've still got the nouse to improvise a tourniquet and make it off. Sod putting field dressings on and applying pressure and hoping it stops! One of our MOs had a better solution one year and started asking why we didn't just use Spencer-Wells pressure forceps to clamp off the offending artery.. I think ITD(A)3 went slightly off-syllabus that year, God knows how we passed! 8O

  12. Arguably they dropped out of fashion as we weren't encountering anyone having their limbs blown off on a regular basis, and their (inappropriate) use for lesser injuries has noted disadvantages. It's noticeable (to me anyway) how the emphasis of first aid training has changed post - Telic.

    Now that we're back in the game of being maimed on a regular basis - and body armour means that we're far more likely to survive being blown up - then the need for a way to quickly stop bleeding out of a stump has re-surfaced.
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Anything more on that?