Military Tatoos

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Right, all over the country tatoos are taking place, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aldershot Army Show and acording to the BBC Edinburgh has been sold out since April.
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So how there is no Earls Court Royal Turnament there is obviously an audience willing to pay for it. Now I know there is a pressure on operational duties but spaces are being filled by other participants, even an all girls marching band.

The Royal Tournament is a brilliant piece of PR and should be able to pay for itself. Now I know this has beens discussed before but is now the time to show us in the best light?
Sorry, wrong sort of tattoo! Will close the door on the way out.
And I was thinking ink ..... :roll:
I can certainly say I went to the Royal Tournament for the 50th anniversaty of VE day. And it was awesome!

As for PR, it would be a great marketing tool. Though i'm sure the media would moan about it.
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