Military Tailors in London

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Harry_Hesh, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. I need to have my blues adjusted and a bit of work done on them. I have no intention of parting with my hard earned cash to the likes of Dege etc. Are there any military tailors that can do the reparations withouth the outrageous costs?

    Many thanks.
  2. Hi

    Not quiet in London but I use Costello & Son in Ilford, good service and rates. you can find them in the back of Soldier mag.
    Sod it heres the number 020 8478 2780 :)

  3. Perhaps try Redwood & Feller on Rochester Row SW1. As very capable tailors I am sure they will be able to turn their hand to it. They are high standard but not unreasonably expensive. I think they may routinely do livery and military stuff anyway but it is worth enquiring.
  4. Many thanks for your tips.
  5. They are a good tailor and certainly have a military feel, with windies packed with reggie ties, buttons et cetera. They are just down from the RMP place on the other side of the road.

    They did build a rather nasty suit for a friend of mine but that was not their fault, he designed the horrid thing himself! Looked like a teddy-boy on PCP...
  6. Try the tailors shop in RA Barracks Woolwich. Had my SD and No 4s altered there after they shrank in the wardrobe. Very wilco chap.
  7. Well, "customer is always right", etc - I would say that if you can articulate your needs then they will be able to oblige. Last time I was in, the suit body on the stand was being finished for Wedgy Benn (obviosuly not quite enough of a socialist to shop at BHS), so this together with the Royal Warrant leads me to believe that they usually operate at the more traditional end of the spectrum.
  8. Try Kashkets Tel 0207 4958429, old school tailors, may cost but good job.

    Failing that try Mil tailors in Wellington Bks
  9. Does anyone know any decent mil tailors in the North West?
  10. Wench

    As you have probably found there is NO mil tailor in the North West, unless you count the one Weeton Bks. Not sure if there is a resident tailor there anymore?

    From my experience the options are fairly limited, I have used Hodges over at Catterick (he has a place in Leeds), or Kashket in London.

    Certainly my SQMS used Hodges, in the run up to our guidon a couple of years ago as he was more reliable and better quality than the THEN tailor at Weeton. (Stressing the past tense as I understand the chap moved on to explore other opportunities)

    Did use a civilian tailor in Sale for alterations several years ago and he made a reasonable job.

    However Mr Hodges is probably your best bet, he does travel extensively so you may be able to make arrangements.

  11. There used to be an ex-regimental tailor working in the clothing stores at LANCON HQ at Hutton. Now I'm going back a while but it might be a good lead; if he has gone, where do they get their tailoring done? He made the bag of cack uniform I was issued with look like something decent.