Military Tailor - Near Birmingham/Midlands?

Does anyone know of a good military tailor in or near Birmingham? I just need some alterations done to my 2's.

I've found one in Warwick, but it seems they are kaput, and another called Callaghan Tailor in Birmingham city centre who say they do military alterations. Any others or recommendations?


Any other suggestions??? Please!
Who normally does your Regimental tailoring?
I'm not in a conventional unit. I know who our approved "tailors and hatters" are - but they're all miles away. As I only need some alterations, I was hoping someone in a unit local to Birmingham would have some suggestions.

I had mine tailored by civvy tailor, 2's and 1's she did an excellent job, though it cost a few bob i had them back in a couple of days
Of course, if you'd have bothered coming round the corner and asking me, I might have been abvle to sort it for you. And I call Nelly Y the idiot boy.

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