Military T-Shirt designs : Any one recommend a company

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Navy1, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Thinking of getting some T-Shirts made for my Unit to our design. Can anyone recommend any reliable and cost effective companies? Thanks
  2. A good one is Army Life Logos its an ebay store online store, embroidered not printed sh*t and heavy duty T-shirts , sweatshirts etc I was happy with them anyway, my avatar is from one of their designs by the way.
  3. Troop Logos.

    Ive had a few off him, make great presents for ex squaddies, top quality stitchwork and cheap.

    Troop Logos - British Army Royal Marines Royal Navy RAF Regiment
  4. Ok, so you are ex forces and have a reunion coming up, or a member of your family does and you want to get them a gift... what you need is a military embroidered fleece or tshirt with your/their regiment badge, well thats what do! We are MOD approved, which means we work under MOD instruction to make sure everything you get is correct.

    We have a wide range of clothing, including fleeces, tshirts, polos and even beanie hats! All of which can be embroidered with your badge, and no need to provide us with the artwork, because we have most, and if you don't see yours just let us know and we should be able to create it for you. We even offer blazer badges for veterans.

    Here are some of our key sellers:

    REME Polo Shirt £10.99
    Royal Artillery Sweatshirt £12.99
    RAF Regiment Fleece £17.00
    Royal Marines Hoody £14.99

    We also can provide bullion wire blazer badges which start from £8.99. To find your badge take a look at our Military Embroidery website! military clothing