military swim test

hey lads, off to gib in a few weeks, could anyone tell me when the mil swim test is and if its in the first week
It should be around that time, the second at the latest.
Pass it, or it's very early mornings for you with the very 'orrible swimming instructor
I know C Sgt RM who is yet to pass the swimming test as laid out for Royal Marines. He has blagged it for 15 years.

If you are shit at swimming its nails.

I'm half dolphin I pissed it
I might aswell have been a brick, I failed that bad so I spent a good few mornings with the ex 2 PARA instructor with his replica of freddie mercury's tash. Only takes a few days to get up to scratch tho, miss room inspections too!
2 years ago we had to do the swim test in basic anyway so shouldn't be much of a drama.

Is it still the same bloke at Gib who used to give the speech 'Any messing around in my pool, you'll be doing 100 in and outs of the pool, if that doesnt work you'll be doing press ups .etc'
Yea the bloke made that pretty clear enough times! Probably is the same guy

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