Military Support Force?

Someone told me this MSF (think i've got that right) is a combined service that will be taking over certain RO posts, but will include WO's as well. Can anyone shed any light?
MSF=Military Support Function

It's designed to replace many ROs, but also serving personnel, with civil servants at much lower pay rates. For example, a friend of mine is a Lt Cdr at MoD, who has just been replaced by a civil servant on £19k. The top pay for most MSF jobs is £29k. The jobs will appeal to ex-officers and WOs, and they are probably the only ones who can afford to take them, as they'll have a pension to top up the salary.

Some of the jobs require uniform such as one recently advertised for an adj for a RAF Sqn - £19k but required to do 2 weeks at Cranwell and then be a Sqn Ldr!

The vacancies are listed at

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