Military Subjects that can be taught to civvies in 15 mins.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ABrighter2006, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Over the years, have had to do a fair amount of short presentations, introductions to subjects, etc. Due to the Iraqi Translator issue, I have been asked by a friend to do a piece with his media studies students.

    This got me wondering, what facts lessons from the mil make the most interesting to civvies? - Lecture, lightpro availble, etc.

    Most interesting ever seen was former colleague, ex RN who had worked in the offshore oil industry and delivered a brilliant "Rig Evacuation" presentation. So, what are your favourite subjects to do a formal talk about to a civpop audience?

    Thanks in advance. :D
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  3. mine sweeping
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  6. "Introduction to JPA" - you may have to cut it down a bit.

    "The advantages of PAYD" - allows a long question session in your 15 minute time slot.

    "Pro Boots and Lowas - pros and cons for deep water wading"
  7. ORP preparation?

    Always seem to amuse people when you whip the Yorkie out.

    Just to clarify, I'm not on about dog-raping here.
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    Stagging on
  9. I'd find most interesting probably something about what different Munitions can do to things/ body rather than simply a piece of metal passing through something (phospherous etc.)
  10. funny enough..
    I have done similar things with civvies in the past..
    The groups I dealt with were more 'hands on' and it was more of a background activity type talk at a corporate event place -
    so I talked fieldcraft on one and different types of Patrols on another -mentioning the reasons why and the tasks likely to be given etc

    A media studies group is going to be a little harder
    I would consider what you know so the subject matter is in your head already?
    I don't know your background so I could'n advice.

    They could be interested in recruit training and the breakdown of the civilian before building them up to be a 'Rough tough steely eyed killer' :D

    I certainly wouldn't get too 'ally' with 'em.
  11. If the subject class is Media Studies, then isn't it obvious that Camouflage & Concealment and Drill would be the ideal subjects.

    "How not to be seen" and "Military Drilling" (Monty Python) provide the humour, you provide the facts.
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    ABrighter2006 - Check PMs.
  14. "The spirit of the bayonet" lecturette with demo a la Etaples depot 1917-18?

    Sorbo rubber boche and red ink required of course...
  15. What about "Time Appreciation"?

    But, FFS, don't let it overrun.