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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by DAKOTA_STAB, May 5, 2009.

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  1. i've been tasked with giving a military based lesson and am after some ideas, ive come up with the usual ideas but have been told to think outside the box, any ideas???
  2. at what level? to who? what for? who are you? who you giving it to......otherwise the answer could be anything!

  3. the lessons are for stabs on a wed evening, teaching generic military subjects as an interest outside of trade.
    i came up with the usual subjects and was told to come up with something thats not usually taught. so im kind of stuck for a subject matter
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Think outside your TAC - is there another unit locally you could invite in?

  5. A tad more detail would probably help here. Interest out of trade could be anything, especially since you haven't told us what their trade is.
  6. the trade is air despatch, so trade subjects are taugth by AD instructors, came up with weapons as a subject, got told 'no thats for the skill at guns gadgee', thought along the lines of inf based stuff and was told 'no think outside the box, come up with something completely different'. MSR, liking your idea, might have to employ that one for nxt months mil skills training night. we have 4 training nights a month, one trade based,one sports, one mil skills and one social.
  7. I got a couple of Napoleonic re-enactors in to give a talk. Good guys and not the walts I had always assumed. Really cared about the subject and doing things right, even to the point of making up their own boot polish from a period recipe. A bit of 19th century musket and foot drill finished off the evening.

    It may not be military enough for your requirements of course, but it made a good interest evening.
  8. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    How about thinking inside the box

    How to pack a 12m mast kit :D
  9. Combat load of the infantry soldier through the ages? Perhaps not strictly relevant.

    How about escape and evasion? relevant to air despatch I suppose. Lots of good stories to pick up from.
  10. I organised an interest lesson with a SOCO from the local plod - talked about preservation of forensics and told some gruesome tales (with pics of course) - the lads loved it, and it was relevant for those headed sandy-side.
    I was also given a contact for a dog handler, who came in with his lunatic mutts, and demonstrated their capabilities - again the lads loved it and it was relevant.
    I've also arranged in the past for the Mortar 2i/c to come over and talk about the use of Arty, and the role that the lads can play in calling it in - made it a bit more interesting coming from the horses mouth. If there's a an Artillery unit nearby they may have an Invertron (sp?) or whatever the latest version is, good practice calling in fir and indicating targets.
    Nothing to stop you getting out on a training night - especially now it's light till late - loads of things you can do (aside from phys!) navigation, orienteering, fire and movement, cam and concealmen, sniper stalk, a decent target indication lesson, the list is endless. Just need to be imaginative, and not take no for an answer!
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Or speak to a local surgeon and challenge him to make the guys puke :)

  12. Research this. , turn it into a presentation on gallantry, importance of supply, air despatch, etc.

    He is buried at Osterbeek, near Arnhem
  13. some good ideas, there troops, may thanks, will make some phone calls and see what i can arrange.