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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by GingeG, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. Strange one this,

    I have my CV all squared away loads of good civi buzz words etc.

    Just had a company contact me after receiving my CV and say they may have an opening for me but could I forward them a Military Type CV. I may be thick here but is there a different format? I am aware that each CV is "tailored" to the specific position, no drama with that however, WTF is a mil CV? :?

    Ideas on a postcard please
  2. In civvie street you are a logistics manager in the Army an RQMS
    HR manager = Chief clerk/Adjt
    Project director=CO/OC
    Catering manager=Master chef

    I work for a large company that supports the military abroad. We employ stacks of ex mil guys. The military when requesting certain roles (SOR) write it in mil language. ie stores position would have RQ etc. Sometimes when you read a mil career in civvie talk like you will have done it is difficult for a civvie HR person to work it out. On a number of occasions they have asked me to decipher it for them.
  3. I'm taking it that you are appling for a role with a military nature (Security, working for a company that is contracted by MoD etc)

    I have never heard of a "Military CV", in fact it took years to beat the military out of mine, the sort of thing I am guessing would be a mix of your red book and statement of qualifications
  4. If there was such a thing as a Mil CV, it would be detailed in JSP101. Not being overly familiar with that tome, I'm not sure. They probably want you to set it out your full career in the form of a Point Brief or similar - Dates, Appointments, Postings, Courses, Ops and the like. Fill it full of acronyms and have an Annex A to tell the thickies what the acronyms mean and an Annex B for Commendations, CO/discharge reports etc.

    Good luck Ginge, sounds like progress.
  5. Thanks Guys

    I am the same as wellyhead and have only just managed to make my CV look attractive to Civis by losing acronyms and such like.

    I guess Ill just send a bullet list of dats and stuff, he obviously liked my civi CV or he wouldnt of bothered replying. It just caught me off guard that he is asking for a "military" one (he is ex Mil himself and legit!).

    Anyway If I find a template Ill post it for others

  6. Try asking them exactly what sort of information they would like you to include rather than maybe putting something together that may not be what they are after?

    One of the reasons they normally like ex military is because you can get on with tasks independently, but are not afraid to ask if there is a grey area - loads of civvies just plough on and get it wrong!!
  7. Anyone asking for your military CV (whose credentials you've ascertained) would be looking for the simplest history of ranks, dates, postings and courses. Your Red Book is a good start. Don't get creative on anything because the reader will probably know all about it and if not, will get in touch with a friend who does. Anything a little sensitive (you'd know if you'd done the courses) should be described in the least sensitive terms. Remember that the first thing a good employer looks for is integrity.
  8. Thanks again guys,

    Its all sorted now. It was nothing more than a simple list.

    So far so good, depends on a contract at their end. If they get it Im in if they dont I am still hunting.

    Ginge out.
  9. Tis the way of the world with contractors mate. My advice is to keep hunting whether they get it or not, bunch of iffy beggars at best, they are, you defo cannot wait on them. Plus, if you get multiple offers, you can crack the whip as regards your daily rate too.

    Good luck mate
  10. ginge cant beleive your wife lets you on the internet.