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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RAFairman, May 25, 2010.

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  1. Hello all,

    As a serving SNCO Crab, I am off to Afghan next year as part of the MSSG/MSST's...although the MSSG trg course starts late this year.

    Just wondering if anyone on here had done a similar thing? What's it like? What's the job? Information is a bit hard to find.

    Also, as I am a techie, who is used to a deployment being about booking accomodation by the stars rather than sleeping under the stars, any top tips? It looks like I may be out and about, when out there so, ideas for comfort kit would be appreciated.

    I am well out of the deployment loop - fortunately for me (and due to all my trade Q's slowly disappearing) my last OOA was to Saudi in ANY top tips are welcome.

    If people don't want/can't talk about stuff in open - send me a PM and we can email.

    Cheers in advance!

    EDIT - PS Please excuse if this is in the wrong thread...I am a Crab with a very small brain...
  2. Oh how are the mighty fallen. All you will get here is the piss taken out of you unmercifully by your land based buddies.

    you have walked into the lions den.
  3. Hey, when you've lived MY life you get used to the Piss being taken.

    Anything of any use would be, of, errrrr, use.
  4. A mate of mine was on out in Afghan last year (Summer) doing the same job. Spent a lot of his time outside the wire, hard work by looks of it. He used to go on Arrse, if he still does ill get him to look you up.
  5. Cheers for that.

    managed to get some JI's for last years Trg Cse...

    Looks like A LOT of time will be spent outside the wire by the training. Hmmmm G/F will NOT be impressed.

    (She's in the QA's I am used to the piss being taken out of me by the army.)
  6. Is this a UK or NATO Slot? Think that the MSSGs are linked with OMLTs?
  7. JPA Assignment order says it's a PJHQ slot - so not sure if it's a UK or NATO job, but the JI's I have, list a nominal roll, that has a mix of just UK forces - Army, RAF and the even the RN.
  8. Don't worry, SDSR should cut your post well before you deploy! :D
  9. HA HA. No thanks!

    I am sick of being stuck here doing sod all. Time to do something and work for a living. Plus it's time I did my fair share.
  10. Be UK then mate
  11. Cheers.

    I've had a PM with some good info in it. Seems like it'll be my G/F's nightmare of a tour - but I am looking forward to it.
  12. Raf airman, I am one of those Naval chaps deploying Feb next year and have the same issues as you by the sounds of it. Did you get any useful tips you may be in a position to pass on. All i know is i do MATTS validation in October and Appointed to MSSG in December.
  13. RAFaiman, good luck to you, know a couple of folks there, and it's hard graft, but blinking worthwhile. Start getting used to carrying weight, now!