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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by icemann, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. PM Defends Military Spending Record

    By Peter Spencer
    Political Correspondent Updated:14:55, Friday December 21, 2007
    Gordon Brown has defended his record on military spending, both as Chancellor and as Prime Minister.

    He insisted troops deserved "nothing but the best" kit, and he was determined they would get it.

    And, in his Christmas interview with British Forces Broadcasting Service, he said it was "totally unfair" to portray him as being uninterested in the military.

    His words follow a concerted attack in the House of Lords last month by five former military chiefs. One, the former Chief of the Defence Staff, Lord Guthrie, accused him of being "unsympathetic" towards the forces during his time at number eleven.

    But Mr Brown contrasted year on year real-terms increases in immediate prospect with 20 per cent cuts in the early 1990s.
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    And, he added, "I think the evidence on the ground is that the equipment people have is a lot better than it was a few years ago. Of course, we want it to be even better in future years as well."

    He also pointed to armed forces pay settlements being in many cases "higher than public sector pay at home, and rightly so".

    And he insisted the government was responding to pleas from troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for more armoured vehicles and helicopters, which he admitted were a weakness.

    But Mr Brown made it clear military chiefs would not get carte blanche to call on new money when competing with other departments, like health and education.

    Nonetheless he paid fulsome tribute to the troops in the field, for their "sheer bravery and dedication and professionalism and commitment".

    The Prime Minister also acknowledged the recent victory in Musa Qala where: "we turned back the Taliban as a result of the bravery of our forces", with the support of Afghan government troops.
  2. Ain't statistics wonderful?

    But we weren't fighting two medium scale wars in the early 90s; I seem to recall that peace had broken out everywhere and the politicians (then of the blue persuasion) were cutting the Defence Budget as fast and hard as they could.

    Fast forward to the 21st century and we can barely cope. But, hey, we reportedly received a small increase in the Defence Budget last year, with more planned this year. Was that in real terms and if yes, which index was the Treasury using?

    Cynical? moi?

  3. The PM paints a pretty picture... he mentions that the Armed Forces recieved a pay rise greater than that awarded to the rest of the public sector... but that counts for nothing when the Armed Forces are some of the lowest paid in the public sector surely...
  5. 307

    307 War Hero

    Let us just put something into perspective here, military don't have carte blanche compared to NHS and schools etc. This current fight the so called global war on terror. the NHS have not been tasked to have a good old bash at eliminating AIDs, schools have not been told to make sure everyone gets As in exams, yet the military have been given this enormous, nigh on impossible task of defeating international terrorism, we did not ask for it, the government has tasked us with it, and as such, for having given such a huge undertaking, not just in fighting it, but in logistics, int for example, have an obligation to make sure that we get what we need to have the best chances of getting something near to a success, or am I just babbling on a bit
  6. I bet it hurt him to say those words (written by spin doctors for him no doubt).
  7. I just don't trust politicians. Funny old thing (And slightly off topic I know), I was sat in a Medical Centre in Germany, about to go to the sand pit, at the beginning of 2003, when on the telly appeared Geoff Hoone.

    In answer to a parliamentary question he said something like, I can assure the house that in light of the concerns over illnesses claimed by some, to be linked to the first Gulf war, I can confirm that soldiers about to deploy, will not be asked to sign a disclaimer regarding the anthrax jab, or any other jabs for that matter.

    What did I have in my hand, you guessed it, a sodding disclaimer form.

    You could not make it up.
  8. There are no votes in defence and even less sympathy from the peacenik elements within the new labour hierachy. Without a genuine and credible conventional threat to the UK there will be no big increase in defence spending when the government of the day is more likely to get itself re-elected by pouring £'s into areas such as the NHS and education which have a much bigger direct impact on the public.
  9. He seems to forget the so called peace dividend at the begining of the 90's
    lets see

    50,000 army redundancies sod knows how many RAF and Navy
    disbandment of units and sale of a lot of equipment

    so of course there was lots of cuts in defence budget (the biggest cost in most organisations tends to be wages)

    all rather short sighted but happened (did help the uk economy to an extent which labour reaped the benefit of and subsequntly squandered)

    Cant remember the year early 2000's I think the Gov reduces defence budget by 650 mil so MOD sells land to that value to make up the shortfall (can not go on)
  10. Its often said that Armies fight the last war, probably true until they have paid the price in blood to learn.
    But Politicians seem to prepare for the Peace they have Promised them selfs and the electorate and strangely seem unprepared for the New Wars they start/join.
  11. I've been playing with my abacus again, (don't).

    And basically let me put that money lent to Northern Rock in perspective....

    For £24 Billion we could buy....

    90 F-35s.

    Both CVFs.

    8 Type 45 Destroyers

    70 NH-90 Tactical Helicopters.

    8 Astute Attack Subs.

    ....and have around 2.5 Billion pocket change.

    (Christ, I sound like an accountant!)
  12. Once again, the PM and Neu Arbeit show their true colours. Almost the equivalent of one years defence budget spent in 3 months to bail out a private commercial organisation that operated risky credit policy.

    I guess all those who say there are no votes in defence must be right! Cos if less than 1 million pi55ed off building society members can scare the govenrment so much, it is pretty clear the government is much more concerned about potential voters than the lives of the young men and women they send in harms way. Politicians - don't you just loathe them?!
  13. I totally agree with what you've said - however you missed out that they seem very shocked when soldiers get killed - or worse have the audacity to live to become an embarrassment to the Government who started the war in the first place! :pissedoff:

    Official Government Policy: bury head in sand and hope it all goes away!
  14. Or about one-each of the FRES variants, the way they are currently going (and no change). And that was a suspiciously un-Army list (the crabs are not going to let the AAC run a decent transport helo, are they)! Are you trying to tell us something?