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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Its_a_troop!!, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Right then troops
    can you give your views on this little grievance of mine?
    District Military skills weekend, though a fantastic and well thought out competition, i was shocked to learn the skill at arms stand was testing cadets in their ability to strip/assemble the weapon blindfolded and under a time limit.
    Now im sure most of you have seen the old unthinking moment and other such safety videos which all im pretty sure at some point say do not run weapon handling periods with time limits.
    Now im fully aware that in order to get a bit of competition within the class races are carried out but as fun and not for assessment?

    any views??

  2. That kind of thing is just a bit of fun..........especially if you are the DS, them you can remove, or even just move the stripped parts around and watch the ensuing confusion!
  3. Fair one!
    i understand that but the stands are to test ability on the weapon.
    usually a 1 star test is carried, my point is that the cadets train for this competition for months and each stand testing test skills not having a laugh with it?

    or am i being a plick?


  4. Military skills w/e is supposed to be a fun weekend. Thus the skills used should not jsut be a repetition of the tests, but something to make the men stand out from the boys, if you will pardon the expression.

    I find nothing wrong with pushing the boundry like this, especially as its a skill that will be useful if they decide on the Forces as a future career.


    PS: I used to teach people to do the blindfold reassembly thing before a major test, thus when they got into the test it should be a doddle. The funniest thing i had was a cadet coming out of his test and saying "it was easy, they even let me see the rifle"
  5. I don't think you're being a plick at all Troop! Of course the competition has to be more challenging than the usual tests but I think this goes too far. I would agree that the timed element could be used for fun but in competitions/tests surley accuracy is more important? Or maybe we are just a pair of plicks? :D
  6. I thought the Government had banned competition at all levels in everything.........I am writing to my MP about this............................ blindfolded obviously!
  7. Bring back the Patrol Comp
  8. Seems reasonable to me.
    Sometimes in the real world it's dark so doing things blindfold is good training (as well as good fun).
    I agree that accuracy and safety are much more important than speed but they don't really lend themselves to competition. If everyone does it right, how do you pick a winner?
  9. Why? Has it been taken away?
  10. I used to do the mill skills when i was a cadet and it was as soon as you got off the transport report in get a grid ref and Etd and then go out to where ever set up and start the comp, stands,recce, fighting patrol etc. All this stayin in buildings is to soft on them. Maybe i am wrong and this is better however the old way was alot harder.

    Any Imput?
  11. Walt and get some im with you on this one! agreed was a lot harder but was testing we were alone all weekend working as self sufficient section, i would go so far as saying these were the best weekends throughout my time as a cadet.
    Now its all fluffy is just a series of stands to navigate to without harbour drills, recces, fighting patrols, orders for sect comd etc

    bring back the old days

  12. Hang on a mo?

    Am I to take it that you do everything out of barracks/camps now?

    No bashaing out mit gats, blank,pyro and a GS rat pack?

    If anyone has gone soft it aint the cadets. Its the adults!

    I know the cadets would love it. Out of all the activities I did when I was a sprog and SI in the 90s it was the field excercises I loved, and the parade square I loathed.
  13. yep how poo is that? welcome to the scouts cadet force lol
    Troop cheers for that info mate

    Get Some
  14. Walt its not the adult that have gone soft! its the system man! :x
    The weekend in question was ran by and always is ran by cadet trg teams.
    Now the weekend was very well thought out and executed but i felt the cadets were missing out on something.

  15. Sorry to add: the cadets did sleep out but was in no way tactical more of a ging gang gooley without sentries!