Military Service Counts or Nothing in UK

Anyone had any annoying experience, making contact with the Post Office Call Centres? , local Councils, Social?

I'm trying to come back up after a bad time, and can only manage to get a Post office account at the moment. To satisfy the local Council that I am indeed a war pensioner and not getting overpaid, I had to contact the Post Office.

Post Office call centre?....Helpful...a bit, efficient... certainly. Polite, friendly, NO. Dismissive, arrogant and deserving a kick up the ass? definitely.

It seems that service, hard times and status. resulting from HMF service make most people think you're a loser.

While we're at it, anyone about to see the local Council for the first time, good luck....Civvies....d#ckheads half of them.
have you tried going through SSAFA,RBL ,Army Benevolent fund?they may be able to offer you better advice or speak to these people on your behalf
DEVONMAN sorry to hear that you are having a bad time. Perhaps I was lucky when I was discharged in 1993 the young girl at Midland Bank as it was then said to me ' Mr you have spent 22 years looking after us, it is our turn to look after you' so far they have done a good job.

However, on the whole amongst certain section of society I have found that Military service counts for nothing.

It may be a good idea to have a word with your local MP, even if think he/she is a cnut...good luck

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