Military Security to Power Plants/Infrastructure

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hellfyyr, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. The BBC reports:

    BBC News

    Couple of things come to mind here: in the recent climate of Treasury cuts, poor accommodation coming to the fore and being 'spun'as if things are not that bad really, a promotion freeze for the Royal Navy, recruitment figures suggesting we are losing manpower hand over fist; I wondered how long it would be before another job to keep the government ahead of the game was 'floated' (excuse the naval pun).

    The public response to the accommodation thread on the BBC was a little disappointing with a lot of small-minded people suggesting we get what we deserve or that we signed the dotted line and are therefore apt to be treated as the least of citizens. How quickly people forget the things we have done for them, are doing now or are pencilled in for to avert future problems. Foot & Mouth Crisis, The Fuel Crisis, various examples of flood or other weather related relief, Peace-keeping worldwide (including Telic & Afghanistan :roll: ) all the military aid type tasks and now guarding everything from power plants to Tesco's against terrorists.

    So why do I still feel that we are not respected for what we add to the balance sheet? All that money we cost is really not worth our capability is it? :evil:
  2. Don't know what the current arrangements are but the offshore rigs were down to be looked after by Marines in event of any raised threat.
    Even if we have the booties, will we have the boats to get them out to the rigs?
  3. oh yes - plenty of dinghies...

    Crewed by a Lt Cdr I suspect, maybe even a full Captain with 6 years seniority (i.e. a Brig)
  4. The "small ships" flottilla?

    Where are these soldiers going to come from? For German based units and units not close to their stag point this would be nothing short of a tour, albeit somewhere nice for a change (well as nice as britain is nowadays).

    Perhaps the Government should have a ticker installed in Parliment?

    A simple computer screen and computer, showing EXACTLY how many troops are ripe for deployment. Ie. not deployed or are still in their mid-tour rest period. Might give food for thought.
  5. The troops for this will come from what's left in the emergency action cupboard...


    That'll be the Cadets then.
  6. The Scouts have now had their status changed to "Reserve Forces" and will be weapons trained and deployed. Tony has promised only to deploy them once every two years, and to fully fund the training and welfare packages. They will be entitled to council tax rebates, education packages, and assistance with affordable housing.

    Then again, they could be the same old lies that have been fed to everyone in uniform. Not sure about PVR in the Scouts though....

    Royal still has a mandate to protect oil rigs, and they have the necessary transport. It's more a case of whether we have enough Royals in the immediate vicinity, or actually still serving.
  7. The National Defence Battalions and the J2 assets that did the Intelligence Estimate for most of our critical national infrastructure were taken as savings years ago.

    At Heathrow recent deployments are just window dressing that bear little relevance ,if any, to any historic intelligence estimate.

    With some few exceptions the security of our national infrastructure is based on a risk-averse compliance checklist, as opposed to an intelligence estimate. Put a few guys on camera with guns, that will get the message over in the media OK. <<Officers can change into lounge suits in time for lunch and carry on, in Town.>>

    They might as well privatise it and buy in PSDs when they need them. Heavens knows it would be a lot cheaper to buy in a hired gun from CRG, Aegis or Armour Group , as opposed to a soldier with all those healthcare, equipment, man-management, accomodation and pension overheads.

    Plod will simply do as he has been told. In case they get any ideas about leaking to the press, we'll just remind them what happened to the Navy + the Paras :lol:

    ( I'm sure there is a lot more "police work" Ooor Broon could privatise yet?)
  8. Don't give the cnut any ideas!

    I can see it now: Tesco Armed Security(shudder).

    Mind you, it would probably cut down on shoplifting...
  9. The MoD brought back the Home Guard and then disbanded it in the 1990s?

    I'm sure they could reconstitute some old guard such as myself and Matelot to do armed guard on the facilities.

    Mod Plod plus :D
  10. Use the armed forces? What the hell for? We've already got the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, the armed police that look after nuclear sites and materials, so why not just enlarge them and expand their remit to include non-nuclear power stations and strategic assets like Bacton.
  11. Depends if you want an relatively more expensive organisation whose role is to "uphold the law", and is generally compliance based and risk averse

    or a slightly cheaper organisation whose job is Defence at home and abroad, who are Intelligence led and take risks for a living :?:
  12. The Civil Nuclear Constabulary get paid overtime, the Armed forces are cheaper!
  13. Sounds like a perfect job for the MPGS in all honesty. A lot of the lads leaving the forces are coming to us now because at least they cant send us overseas forever.....yet!
  14. no, we will just use lots of helicopters. :oops:

    Coat on, walking out of the door.........
  15. And of course, despite the mongs spouting off on the BBC, all the civie soft sh1tes feel more secure with Tommy Atkins holding the line.

    Shandy drinking, crack smoking, soft as sh1te civvie scroat bags.

    (Incidently, I was NEVER a civvie. I was a Pot Soldier from the day I was born, a soldier and will die (hopefully) in my bed an ex-soldier.